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Overview of the Twelve Sacred Gateways


In the first 2 SGs we learn how to gain some mastery over our thoughts, desires and emotions. Then in the 3rd we find out how we can start to develop spiritual intelligence. The 4th & 5th SGs guide us towards making more conscious choices, guided by wisdom and a wish to serve a higher purpose, culminating in us making a deep commitment – signing our Sacred Contract if you will in the 5th.

Interestingly it is often at this juncture very many spiritual practitioners cease their training – feeling they now know more than enough and they start to teach others. However the next steps of this Sacred Journey become far more interesting, for those who choose to continue.

The next 4 SGs [6, 7, 8 & 9] both test our resolve and also test us to see how well we can put the lessons already learned into action in the world. We are also required to explore the teachings of the ancient wisdom at a deeper level.  We look at the physical realm as the holder  of the sacred. We realise the importance of karma and balance. We ‘see’ more clearly how our attachments and thoughts can have a powerful impact on the world around us and learn how to free ourselves from such entrapments. Discernment becomes ever more critical, our subtle senses are sharpened.

The final 3 SGs are when we have the opportunity to serve with love in action – we ‘apply’ many of the skills we have learned in the previous 9 SGs. 

Usually when we reach the final SG, we are more than ready to begin again, through the experiences of journeying through the final 3 SG’s we realise how much more there is to learn and we are eager to develop our spiritual skill set, so we can serve more effectively in the future. 

And so the journey around the Great Wheel recommences.


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