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From iTunes

Spirit-filled by Maxwell Steer
The calm voice of perennial wisdom speaks through this app. The author is to be congratulated for channeling the love within the universe to speak to contemporary seekers.

Very insightful by Marios90
This app is by far the best I have used and the readings are very insightful and deep. Highly recommend.

Fantastic by seanyseanuk
Each time I have used these I get such clear guidance that seems to address the exact question. It took a while but finally I purchased the in depth and it is worth a hundred times what it’s being charged for! First rate – can’t recommend enough!!!



V.2.6.1                     Spritual Wisdom by Amit Kainth
Excellent app.  Really helps with giving guidance when you need it.



Inspirational by Rach’73
Such in-depth guidance and spot-on knowledge!  Just what I needed to hear



GB     V.2.1.1     Insightful and calming by Kimky              
I use the app when I cannot sleep due to thought racing in my head. I find it calming, insightful and gives me perspective on whatever is occupying my mind. I recommend this app. Enjoy.



  US     V.2.1.1     Love this! by Tim York
Thank you for creating this ap and for the guidance it has brought me. This was an inspired work.




US     V.2.1.1     It’s fun to use by Kathryn Remati
Love sharing it with friends.



AU     V.2.1.1    Excellent app! by MsBBgrooovnmerchnt
A beautiful & insightful app. Do not hesitate to upgrade if you are intrigued by the free download.



US       V.2.1.1       I love it super helpful by Jayzers Edge
My favorite go-to in a pinch. Requires work, challenging. Becoming a better person from the inside out;-)



US       V.2.1.1     Just 1 Request! by Meggs72
I just bought this app & I think it’s an amazing tool:) The only issue I’m having is that while using on my iPad, I’m not able to view it horizontally! If there’s any way to activate this option, I’d absolutely LOVE IT so much more. The most important thing regards notes & journaling! Typing vertically is really awkward without a case that supports the upright position! Hopefully this may become an option in the near future?



GB     V.2.1.1     Truly inspirational and Easy to use App by Lorraine Stokes
This Life Guidance and Inspiration app has helped me in all aspects of my life and somehow seems to know the obstacles I am facing and gives me some really useful tips that have helped me to move forward. I would recommend this to anybody as we all have challenges on a daily level. By stepping back and taking a reading and getting some help with how to move forward is something I would recommend to everyone. I love how I can share my readings on Social media. And it is so user friendly!



GB     Helpful, informative and ticks all the boxes by Talumhood
I’m very happy I came across this app for many reasons. First of all, it’s extremely helpful at directing me to where I should look to find the key to inner happiness. Secondly, it’s easy to use, straight forward and well made. I know I will get a lot of use out of this, because once in a while we all need a source of guidance and I believe this is the app for it!



GB        Great App by Jonnyblaze2461
Helpful if you trust it.


GB    V.2.1.1   Great fun and love how easy it is to use. by Mulvi_Emm
Good fun (and some home truths too!). Like how easy it is to use.



GB     V.2.1.1     My daily go to app by urbancourier
I have been using this app for well over a year now and it has become an indispensable part of my day. The updated version is fantastic, design feels much more sleek. Shuffle feature is still fab and the introduction of the new special cards is a wonderful addition. As always the readings are spookily accurate and still has the best shuffle feature i have seen on any card app in the app store to date. A definite recommend for 2014.



GB    V.2.1.1      Nice but needs improvement by Auset303
This app has a very nice quality about it and has some very nice touches to assist you in getting into the meditative mood in order to receive a reading, however having updated to the premium version I feel it is slightly let down by the journal facility – I have done readings and made important notes only to return to the saved reading and find they were not there. It seems you are only allowed to save one or two words. Also after having worded my own question for a reading, when returning to it later I noticed that half of it was cut off and when I tried to email it, it didn’t even have any of the question I wrote included (it seemed more interested in advertising the app than including the most important thing – the question). If these issues are addressed in an update I would be more than happy to give this app 5* as I feel the insight received from the readings are invaluable.



US      V.2.1.1    Best app by L0tus.lian
I found some helpful guides here. This makes my life more simple and easier. I need it when I feel upset, stress and down. Good one.



US      V.2.1.1    The Best Guidance App Ever ! by Mariee_haase
I dont even know where to begin , but this app understands me like no one else does . If this app was a person Id hug them . They have all the answers to my questions and surprises me . I been dying for a app like this ! This app makes me feel like I have someone when I feel alone . This app isfreaking amazing , awesome , fun , helpful , i would go on but the time Im done Itll be 2046 . BOL. I love this app so much , Id hug the creater .



US      V.2.1.1   Great tool by Volleyballmom64
Very inspiring app.Encouraging and fun!;)



What I needed by Beckerboris
Fantastic app For My journey. Thank you so much, best app in years. Recommended to every one,


US    V2.2      Love it! by Frolf
It’s been an amazingly insightful spiritual tuning tool. Uncannily accurate useful and aesthetically peaceful and pleasing. Miles away from many commercial stuff. However, with the last update they added a link to buy the book underneath the card reading. It is essentially and ad. It strongly dampens the positive connection with the interface and the integrity of experience they they have obviously worked hard to build. Can you please remove it and put it elsewhere? It is very jarring. I would like you to make money and I recommend it to people I know but I’m less likely to do so with that change. And I use it less now. Not wanting to be petty but feel like I lost a beautiful and wholesome experience of the reading.



US    V2.1.1       Nice by HelliwXD
Amazing app. Lots of motivational and inspirational sayings. Very useful




US    V2.1.1       THE BEST SPIRITUAL TOOL I HAVE FOUND! by sexiibetch
This app seemingly has a secret view into my life. It’s guidance is always right on and amazingly insightful, helpful, practical, and magical. I bought the app on all of my devices and I use it daily. It’s quick – to the point – and so necessary for those looking to improve their well being or seek guidance on their path. I’m a champion for this app 😉 and will continue to be for as long as it continues to inspire me to be the amazing person I ALREADY AM! Try it – you won’t regret it.



AU    V.2.1.1   Wonderful App by Sunnynoosa
I use it everyday and it’s amazing the support I feel I have just knowing its in my pocket. Highly recommend!



PH     V.2.1.1     Life guidance by Aj_rocketeer
Very inspiring quotes. Always makes my day.



GB     V.2.1.1.     Lovely app to rebalance in a busy day by Deirdre99
Great app to help you re focus and re group. Helps with re connecting to your path



GB    V.2.1.1    To day is the first day by Owlarlar
Hi this is my first day using this app and I have to say I have fond it so easy to use and at the end I did feel very calm I shall be keeping it and using it regularly.



Great reading app by Mj0hn50n
Had this recommended to me by a friend and it has been great. Easy to use and a really useful tool.



From Google Play Store:


Impressed Love this app by Jen K

 Very insightful and has been very accurate with what I am going through. Totally on point that I always end up shocked at which cards appear in relation to what I may need guidance or awareness on to get through whatever is holding me back or causing me to stay stuck.



Beautiful and wise by A Google user

 I love the design of the app itself, as well as the meditation bell before the reading. The readings are great and in depth, and I bought the app immediately after my first two readings as I found it so spot on and helpful. Highly recommend. Thanks for a wonderful app!


Beautifully Written by A Google User

This app is lovely. Extremely well written, thoughtful and filled with sage advice. Not a platitude to be found either which I truly appreciate. I often think that I can feel the magic of the person who wrote this, which I have to say is unusual for a digital divination product. I also appreciate how well made this app is and how creative the functionality is. Well worth the 99¢.