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Synchronized Meditations

Every New Moon and Full Moon many of us are connect etherically to meditate and unite in a wish for more light, love and understanding to emerge on our planet – please do join us if you feel so guided.



I am so grateful to be part of a group of Lightworkers who “meet etherically” to meditate.  For many years we have been connecting around the times of the Full and New Moon, as well as other significant dates and times such as the days of the Equinox and Solstice. Our meditations are ‘synchronised’ or ’linked’ – so we come together, united in our wish to generate thoughts of peace, love and light. [NB: when I say “meet etherically” I mean we link up distantly – we are not actually physically sitting together!]


I am part of just one small group but we know that there are many thousands of people from all walks of life across the globe meditating at these key times; and I never ceased to be amazed by the power of these linked meditations. Although I am sitting in my usual sacred space at home – all alone – at times it feels as if I am in a huge temple of light joined by a great number of other fellow Lightworkers. It is an extraordinarily powerful and uplifting experience. 



I would love you to join us if it feels right for you. Simply aim to meditate for about 20 – 30 minutes at any time during the 12 hours preceding or following the time of the new or full moon [dates & times are given below]. You do not have to join in at the exact time. Doing this will create a 24 hour “window of meditation” in which many people will be meditating.


For these linked meditations, I often visualise being seated in a sacred space in a great circle of light with a group of fellow light workers, united in a wish to serve higher purpose for the greater good of all sentient beings. However, there are no rules – please work in whatever way is right for you and how you feel guided. The intention is always the most important factor. My intention and heartfelt wish includes a commitment to serve the light to the best of my ability and unite in the name of love for all that is good and true.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

This quote by Martin Luther King Jnr. reminds us of the importance of generating thoughts of light and love, even in the difficult and turbulent times which many across the globe are currently experiencing. Please do join us if you feel so guided – let us unite through meditation and prayer in a wish for more light, love and understanding to emerge on our planet. 


We will be meditating on the following dates:

Dates & times :

New Moon – 14th December 2020 at 16.18 GMT
WINTER SOLSTICE – 21st December 2020 at 10.04 GMT
Full Moon + Eclipse – 30th December 2020 at 03.29 GMT
New Moon – 13th January 2021 at 05.01 GMT 
Full Moon – 28th January 2021 at 19.17 GMT
New Moon – 11th February 2021 at 19.07 GMT
Full Moon – 27th February 2021 at 08.18 GMT
New Moon – 13th March 2021 at 10.22 GMT
SPRING EQUINOX – 20th March 2021 at 09.39 GMT
Full Moon – 28th March 2021 at 19.49 BST
New Moon – 12th April 2021 at 03.32 BST
Full Moon – 27th April 2021 at 04.33 BST
New Moon – 11th May 2021 at 20.01 BST
Full Moon + Eclipse – 26th May 2021 at 12.15 BST
New Moon + Eclipse – 10th June 2021 at 11.54 BST
SUMMER SOLSTICE – 21st June 2021 at 04.33 BST
Full Moon – 24th June 2021 at 19.41 BST
New Moon – 10th July 2021 at 02.18 BST
Full Moon – 24th July 2021 at 03.38 BST
New Moon – 8th August 2021 at 14.51 BST
Full Moon – 22nd August 2021 at 13.03 BST
New Moon – 7th September 2021 at 01.53BST
Full Moon – 21st September 2021 at 00.56BST
AUTUMN EQUINOX– 22nd September 2021 at 20.23 BST
New Moon – 6th October 2021 at 12.06 BST
Full Moon – 20th October 2021 at 15.58 BST
New Moon – 4th November 2021 at 21.16 GMT
Full Moon + Eclipse – 19th November 2021 at 08.59 GMT
New Moon + Eclipse – 4th December 2021 at 07.44 GMT
Full Moon – 19th December 2021 at 04.37 GMT
WINTER SOLSTICE – 21st December 2021 at 16.01 GMT 

I have given the times in either GMT [Greenwich Mean Time] or BST [British Summer Time] but please remember there is a 24 hour “meditation window”, so feel free to meditate at any point during the 12 hours either side of the above times.