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SOUL RADIANCE – The sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle


This sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle is the culminating phase – a time of fruition, and possibly even enlightenment.


At this stage of your Soul Journey NO ACTION IS REQUIRED , simply LET YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL RADIANCE SHINE OUT – naturally and effortlessly.


Go with the spiritual flow of life.


At this point in our Soul Journey we start to acknowledge what an amazing and precious gift this life is. We begin to recognise the perfection in everything that surrounds us. This recognition allows the light-filled essence of our true nature to naturally flow and shine out to the world.


You may have been consciously developing your gifts and skills for many years [or even lifetimes] and during the Soul Radiance phase you find that this is the time for all that wisdom and inspiration to blend together and be brought to good use. Or you may be new to the idea of walking a spiritual path and now is the time to recognise something you have always known deep within your being but perhaps have never dared to admit.


The Soul Radiance phase offers the possibility of significant spiritual transformation as your way forward on your spiritual path to becomes much clearer. Amazing opportunities manifest in order that you can now to play your role in a much larger cosmic plan.


If you feel you are passing through this stage of Soul Evolution, I urge you to make the most of this wonderful chance to radiate light into the world and raise the vibration for the good of all life forms.Whatever challenges or difficulties you may face, your first priority now is to serve the highest good of all beings whilst always being as wise, compassionate and all-encompassing as possible. {NB: However, please take great care to guard against becoming superior or thinking you are better than others!} Aim to live your everyday life in accordance with spiritual values and only that which gives higher meaning to your life. When dealing with others, resonate only with their spiritual aspect and see beyond their earthly foibles and failings. Rise above petty irritations and desires. Adopt a selfless and altruistic attitude in all your endeavours. Find ways of serving the best interests of all. Although this may mean putting some of your personal wishes and desires on hold it does NOT mean sacrificing your own well-being or needs.


Soul Radiance is actually our natural state. When we clear the illusions that obscure our inner light, our radiance is revealed.   It is something that is always there, just waiting to shine out.


Once we have started to glimpse the truth of this, our way forward becomes much clearer. We then decide to actively seek ways of clearing anything that veils, distorts or obscures our soul radiance. We can best to tackle this challenge [and it IS a challenge!] in several different ways:

  • Regular meditation, reflection and contemplation as well as conscious effort.
  • Spend some time each day observing our thoughts and emotions [rather than being caught up within them]. Meditation is one way of doing this.
  • Keep a journal or some form of record to chart the soul journey.
  • Find points of focus to help give clarity and guidance; these can nudge us back on track when we lose track of our path or our inner vision is distorted. This can come in the form of teachings, spiritual study or simply choosing a keyword or focus for each day.
  • Try to spend time in nature or peaceful surroundings. Ensure your diet is as pure as possible. Also get plenty of rest.


The moment we fully recognise and acknowledge our Soul Radiance is revelatory. We realise that every moment in our lives on earth can be a moment of illumination and enlightenment. We understand that we do not have to ‘do anything’; we simply allow our natural light-filled being to shine out.


The Soul Radiance phase gives an opportunity for such a revelation to occur. And once we have even the smallest glimpse of this Universal Truth our path becomes more light-filled and guided. Our Soul Purpose starts to be revealed.





© Stephanie Harrison




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SOUL ACCELERATION – Part of the Soul Evolution Cycle



Soul Acceleration is the 5th stage of the Soul Evolution cycle and is a time when huge shifts in consciousness are not only very possible but can come easily and with relatively little effort!


This phase offers incredible spiritual opportunities for soul growth. It could almost be likened to receiving the spiritual equivalent of a fast track pass!


If you feel you are in this phase, I would urge you to make the most of this wonderful spiritual opportunity. Even the smallest amount of effort and commitment will be greatly rewarded. When you undertake some spiritual study or meditate, even for a short while, you will be able to focus with greater clarity and gain far more insight and wisdom than you would normally expect.


Although this is a very positive time at a spiritual level – it may not always feel like it! Wherever possible try to view any current difficulties in a positive light because these are likely to be “blessings in disguise”. You may look back and realise they were actually gifts that helped you progress on your soul path.


It is often by overcoming difficulties that we find our strengths – challenges serve as a way to develop our “spiritual muscles”! You could also view these seeming challenges in a similar way to compost or manure that we might place around a plant or tree – ultimately enriching but perhaps not the most pleasant thing to handle! So look out for those situations which are acting as ”fertiliser” and embrace them with good humour, compassion and wisdom!


Whether seeking inspiration or looking for solutions, make the most of your heightened awareness during this phase; you could very easily get flashes of inspiration or even come up with some ground-breaking new ideas. Look for unusually creative solutions to problems. Be flexible, keep an open mind and watch out for seeming coincidences or feelings of deja vu! These may be signs helping you along the way.


Life might feel hugely exciting right now but also chaotic and slightly out of control. Your thoughts could be racing and your mind buzzing with great ideas. If you are very aware of subtle energies, you may even have a sense of life seeming to speed up.


Try to use your energy discerningly, even if you feel very energetic. You could have lots of ideas and enthusiasm at the moment but could also spread yourself too thin and end up exhausted. Guard against burnout or excessive busyness. Choose carefully what you do; aim for effortless effort. Remember, if something is right for you and your soul path at this time, it will flow easily.


Also make sure you don’t overwhelm others with your high levels of energy and heightened awareness. You may not be fully aware of the powerful effect you have on those around you!


It is important that you take time to acclimatise to this faster frequency of energy. So please look after yourself. Eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. Keep yourself in a clear, clean and calm environment with supportive light-filled people around you. Find positive and safe ways to release some of that excess energy. I recommend you try to get outside in nature. Gardening is fantastic – as is walking in the woods or by the sea. Find activities that ground you and reconnect you to the earth and help you still your mind. Ensure you allow sufficient time and space for your soul to flourish and evolve.


Remember: your physical being is the holder for your spiritual energy – it needs to be in good shape for you to be of earthly service to the light.


Wishing you many blessings on your Sacred Path,


With love and light,






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Sometimes it can be useful to take stock and review where we are in life. Traditionally in the business world many people undertake a “mid year review”.  And I think it can be just as helpful for those of us on the spiritual path to do a similar exercise. Try looking back over the first 6 months of this year to see if there is anything you might like to change or build upon for the second half of the year.


My mid year review process is pretty simple and in case it is of interest or helpful I’ve shared it below together with a couple of links to some other review process.


I’ve also shared my own review and would love you to share what comes up for you in your mid year review.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Here is my quick and easy way of carrying out a mid year review:

Choose a time when you can be quiet for about 10 minutes. Firstly, take a few moments to settle your thoughts, perhaps light a candle and ask for guidance and inspiration. Have pen and paper to hand and allow whatever thoughts arise

  1. WHAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL? Look back at the last 6 months and jot down 3 [or more!] things that have made you feel happy, grateful or truly alive and aligned with your life purpose. [NB: be open to the smallest seemingly insignificant things giving you the most joy and satisfaction]
  2. Then if you wish let these thoughts open a floodgate and keep jotting down any special moments that helped you appreciate just how precious this life is. Whether it was having a cosy chat with a dear friend, walking in nature with your dog or sharing time with your loved ones.
  3. WHAT DRAINS OR DEFLATES YOU? Now make a second list [on a new sheet of paper]. Look back and see what was occurring when you felt tired, anxious or deflated in some way over the last 6 months. It may not be a specific activity, it could be when you are with certain people or in a specific environment. Don’t dwell on this for too long – just write very short notes.
  4. ACTION PLAN + COMMITMENT: write a short note or list to yourself, committing to make more time and space for all that “feeds your soul”. Know that your happiness is a fundamental key to the well-being and happiness of all those around you. You need to look after yourself. Plus make some realistic plans or coping strategies to help you deal with the more challenging parts of your life. You may not be able to change the circumstances but perhaps you can change your response?
  5. GET SOME ANGELIC HELP: To complete the exercise use some inspirations cards or an app ask:

A} What will help me live life with even more joy, peace & fulfilment?

B} What will help me cope with the challenging aspects in my life?

Write down both cards in your diary and refer back to them over the next few months – you can take several cards if you wish.

+ + + + + + + + + +

MY REVIEW [in case you’d like to see how this review works in practice] :

At the beginning of this year I had decided to learn how to prioritise what is “really” important in my life [as opposed to the million and one things that constantly call upon my time and energy]. To help me achieve this I have been carrying out a process of streamlining and simplifying my life plus aiming to practice a lot more mindfulness in my day to day life.

My mid year review showed me that I can still off load a lot of “stuff” [i.e. clutter and unnecessary tasks] but I am pleased to say I am much clearer about spending time and energy on what I feel has to take top priority. For example: fun and focussed time with loved ones is incredibly fulfilling and important for me. Also having time to just relax and do nothing is vital, so I can switch off and recharge.


I get most disorientated and thrown off balance when I am not being mindful and tending to react rather than consciously responding. Daily meditation at the beginning of the day helps me enormously with this. Some aspects of my life do still drain me but I will now work on responding differently rather than focussing on these demands.  Also I need to make sure my schedule is not too “crammed” so I can be flexible in responding to the unexpected day to day needs that cannot be foreseen but invariably occur.


So some tweaks will be made in the next few weeks [mainly de-cluttering and getting rid of some long outstanding tasks that are draining more energy by lurking on my to do list than the actual time it will take to deal with them!].


My qualities were very insightful [of course!] and I used my Life Guidance & Inspiration App [of course!].

Gratitude was the quality I received in answer to my “What will help me live life with even more joy, peace & fulfilment?” question.


This makes perfect sense, I often say that “gratitude is a shortcut to bliss” – just remembering each day how blessed I am literally opens up gateways of joy.


In answer to “What will help me cope with the challenging aspects in my life?” I received Generosity, which also upon reflection makes perfect sense. I sense this is about giving more willingly and generously, when we do this it is easier to get into a flow of energy and so the giving becomes less tiring and onerous and therefore feels less demanding and draining. I shall work with this over the coming months.


Please do share your insights and thought about your mid year review in the comments below.


With love & blessings,


Stephanie xx


PS: Some more reviews:

If you would like a more in depth review, you might enjoy this: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/how-personal-mid-year-review.html

For a more business-orientated review take a look at this [it is quite long but some of the questions can trigger some interesting thoughts at a spiritual level even though it is devised with careers in mind] http://www.careerealism.com/mid-year-review-questions/



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