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The Life Guidance and Inspiration App

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Life Guidance and Inspiration
This free mobile app blends ancient wisdom with modern technology to transform your life.

This app by spiritual development expert, Stephanie Harrison, offers instant insight into the root cause of a problem and suggests creative and enlightening ways to solve the issues. Guidance is given to expand awareness and live a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Powerful self-help strategies help overcome challenges and release inner happiness and well-being.

The app comprises two types of cards. The Challenge cards describe various life problems and obstacles. The Inspiration cards suggest self-help strategies and solutions. Integrated into both decks are the powerful and illuminating “Life Transformation” cards, which relate to the various stages of the soul evolution cycle; these help to give even greater spiritual depth to the readings. Users gain insight into the key issues they face and discover the best way to overcome their challenges. Users are shown how to use their intuition to get the most accurate readings.

The Life Guidance and Inspiration App is fully interactive. Users get a real life experience. From choosing the type of reading and asking their question (they can even write their own), to shuffling the cards and selecting from the layouts; this app is as near to a real life card reading as it is possible to get.
This app will appeal to those with an interest in personal growth and spiritual development, as well as the health and well-being market. The app has been tested on a wide range of people - from teenagers to octogenarians, athletes to spiritual teachers. All have found it relevant and helpful. The writing is no-nonsense and practical but at the same time it inspires and supports.

The app is available for free in the in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Once downloaded, the user can ask as many questions as they wish and have as many readings as they want each and every day. For those who want more in depth readings and a journal and notes facility, they can upgrade to our premium version, for a low cost single purchase.

“Ancient wisdom formulated for modern times. An inspirational and fresh use of timeless spiritual strategies. This is a great app.” -- Kat Baker (Astrologer)

“I love it! I use it every day for guidance and inspiration.” – Suzy Greaves (Editor of Psychologies Magazine)

“I just want to say how genuinely awesome this app is. I love these kind of card readings, helping us bring awareness to our behaviours and thought patterns. It's absolutely wonderful.“ -- Selina Barker (Head Coach of Play to Win and The 30 Day Challenge)

“The readings are incredibly accurate, it's like carrying a pack of insight cards in my pocket all the time. I have already found this a truly valuable tool, and worth infinitely more times the small cost for the full version!" -- Tom Greenfield (Naturopath and Osteopath)

“I love the way the app is so quick and easy to use. It gives clear, no-nonsense answers that I can apply in my daily life. This is a great personal development tool for both myself and my clients.“ -- Ebrina Vogelaar (Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach)


The app is simple to use and very accessible. Additional information and help is on tap from every screen or from our website. The app features:

- a choice of reading types and card layouts
- pre-selected questions and a write your own option
- a meditation screen to help the user prepare prior to each reading
- an innovative on-screen touch shuffle and fun shake the device shuffle
- a facility to share the app on Facebook, Twitter, or by Email
- in depth card interpretations (Premium version only)
- a journal to keep track of readings and questions asked
(Premium version only)
- notes features allowing user to add their own insights
(Premium version only)

The app features a unique level of user interaction and control throughout the whole process. This gives the user incredibly insightful and accurate readings which will satisfy even the most experienced spiritual seeker, as well as those who want a quick and down-to-earth guidance reading.

Our website details all of the App’s features and includes downloadable screenshots, a full description of the app, author’s biography and testimonials. User Support, FAQs, and Contact Details can also be found here:


About the Author:

Stephanie Harrison has over 30 years of experience running spiritual and personal development courses. She founded her own training college in 1990 and has had several books published including the best-selling Crystal Wisdom Kit and Power Crystals.

Developer: The development team responsible for the design and build were UK based Organic Apps, a boutique Mobile App Development Studio,

App Name: The Life Guidance and Inspiration App

Author: Stephanie Harrison

Launch Date:

iOS: 17th May 2013 Latest Release 21st February 2014
Android: 10th December 2014 Latest Release 12th December 2014
Cost: Free with £1.99 / US$2.49 / €2.49 Premium Version available as
In-App Purchase
App type: Native app
Platforms: iOS and Android
Category: Lifestyle and Health & FitnessCost: Free with £1.49 / US$1.99 / €1.99 Premium Version available as In-App Purchase
Category: Lifestyle and Health & Fitness

Stephanie Harrison
PO Box 738,
CT2 9GA, UK.
44 [0] 1227 472435
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