Life Guidance and Inspiration

About Stephanie

For over 35 years I have been facilitating personal growth and spiritual development courses. I specialised in running training courses for subtle energy healers; in particular crystal therapists and spiritual healers. These courses always included other aspects of esoteric study and vibration healing such as astrology, tarot, colour therapy and sacred geometry.

My enduring passion has always been to help people fulfil their spiritual potential and navigate their sacred path with clarity, purpose and joy. I believe that when we live our daily lives in harmony with our soul purpose we then experience far greater contentment and happiness.


I have always loved finding ways to help people discover their soul purpose and aspire them to start fulfilling it. Nowadays most of my works is focussed on this aspect, helping people develop their spiritual gifts, whilst remaining firmly grounded and present within the day today world, which I believe is vital. My intention is always to work in the way that is for the highest good of the individual and in service for the greater good of all.  


Having worked as a trainer for various national training organisations such as the Healing Trust [formerly the National Federation of Spiritual Healers] as well as running my own courses and development groups, I founded an accredited crystal healing training organisation in 1990, The International College of Crystal healing [ICCH]. ICCH courses were held in the UK, Norway and Austria and there are now ICCH graduates all over the world working as crystal therapists and teachers. I have written number of books including the best-selling Crystal Wisdom Kit, which I co-wrote with my dear friend Barbara Kleiner, and Crystal Therapy, An Introductory Guide which I wrote with my husband Tim [this is still selling many years later and is available as an eBook]. I am also a qualified teacher for adults, NVQ assessor and gemmologist [I undertook this scientific training 1991 to augment my knowledge of the esoteric sciences].


In 2007 I started running an advanced spiritual development programme with a group of very experienced therapists and ICCH graduates. During this course a deck of cards were created which identified the key challenges we all face at some point and the various ways to overcome or work through these challenges. These cards greatly helped to enhance the spiritual development of the students and seeing first hand how powerful and effective they were I felt inspired to offer them to a wider audience. These cards formed the basis for what finally became the ‘Life Guidance & Inspiration’ deck and since have been developed into the Life Guidance & Inspiration App. I hope at some point to create a deck of Life Guidance & Inspiration cards and an accompanying book.