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9th Sacred Gateway


As always, every individual will experience each Sacred Gateway at the level that is right for them at this point in their spiritual evolution. I suggest reading the following notes with an open heart, as well as an open mind, and sense which aspects resonate for you.

The first time we encounter the 9th Sacred Gateway we are challenged to begin making spiritual sense of our life journey. 

We start to transmute knowledge into wisdom. We establish greater spiritual meaning into our lives. As we spiritually evolve, we learn that our thoughts become ever more potent. 

It is in SG9 that we truly understand the vast power of the thoughts of the trained spiritual practitioner. There is a daunting realisation that our thoughts can equally be used as deadly weapons as well as a force for good!  We understand that, from this point on, much greater care and discernment is needed at all times, as we proceed on our Sacred Journey.

We realise that our words [and the thoughts behind them] can do great harm. It is time now to learn about silence, to desist from cruel gossip and critical thoughts. We must steer attention away from selfish thoughts. It is important to be mindful and aware of how we talk about spiritual matters.

Above all, we are guided at all times be kind and loving to all those around us – practicing harmlessness in every moment.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


At a more esoteric level, a key theme of SG9 is ‘one pointedness’. We learn more about the importance of focus and clear sight. We learn how to drive off the clouds of thought-forms, in order that ultimately we may attain clear sight of our Spiritual Goal.  

Also having achieved a degree of freedom from illusion from our work in SG8 the theme of spiritual liberation continues.

SG9 is sometimes known as the ‘chrysalis stage’ in our spiritual training – having broken down everything in SG8, we reach that mystical process of transformation, which turns the earth-bound caterpillar [after a period of silence and stillness] into the soaring be-winged butterfly.

In SG9 we may have opportunities to practice harmlessness, knowing that only when we can be harmless, can we wield power. We learn that we must continually be aware of the power of our words and thoughts. Challenges to test us in this regard are likely to arise.

Making time for silence and stillness is an essential part of the SG9 process. It helps us achieve the right use of ‘arrows of thought’. It ensures we are ever more mindful and so resist more easily falling into the trap of engaging in ‘cruel gossip’ and ‘critical thoughts’. This mindfulness helps steer our attention away from selfish thoughts and talk of the self. We find we are more able to demonstrate restraint and discernment when speaking about spiritual matters.

Interestingly, although this Gateway is where we may finally earn the right to ‘wield the Gift of Power’; you may at first feel disempowered or as if your life is being dissolved in some way. If you do feel this, it is useful to remember the image of the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly. As said above, think of this Gateway as being symbolised by the chrysalis stage, where everything loses form – it is liquefied. Remember that this is a necessary part of the process, prior to soaring free.

* * * * * * * * * * * *



There are said to be three key challenges in SG9, I recommend deep reflection on all three, as it is likely that most of us will be affected by them all at some point in time. I have given notes on each below. 

Take each of the 3 ‘challenges’ of this gateway in turn [gossip, selfishness, indiscriminate sharing of spiritual teachings] and look at how this might manifest in the world and the impact on others at a subtle energy level. NOTE: Be prepared to be shocked!  

The following notes are based on my personal views – reflect deeply and form your own understanding!

CRUEL GOSSIP: Alice Bailey writes that gossip is “spiritual murder”, which is something I found incredibly shocking when I first came across this. Then looking at the subtle energetic patterns beneath such things as gossiping about people, criticising them behind their backs, or the passing on of salacious details and secrets, I can see how insidious and destructive this habit is. It is especially so when it involves those who are spiritually trained and whose thoughts carry a lot of energy and power. Also Lightworkers are far more likely than most to be entrusted with secrets and confidences so, however tempting it may be to pass on pieces of gossip and secrets, we have a spiritual duty to ensure that the line of energy stops with us and, wherever possible, discourage gossip. Above all we must be aware of our critical thoughts and words which can be so damaging. Close and careful observation of our thoughts and words over a period of a few days can make us aware of how vigilant we need to be in this regard.

SELFISHNESS: Being of service to others and thinking of their needs before our own is an important part of the SG9 test. Becoming aware of how much or how little we talk about ourselves and our problems to others is often a useful barometer to assess how we are doing with this part of the work! Do we frequently fall into the trap of relating others’ issues to our own experiences and troubles? Do we unconsciously always bring the focus back to ourselves? Are our own needs, desires and troubles always at the forefront of our minds? Or do we listen to others, keeping their concerns and needs uppermost in our minds, leaving our own troubles and challenges out of the equation? It can be revealing to observe for a period of days how much our thoughts and actions are directed by our own self-centredness and selfish thoughts. However, I do think some common-sense has to be applied and it is NOT helpful to fall into the traps of sacrifice, martyrdom and self-denial!

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: Not so long ago it was quite usual for there to be hierarchies within spiritual societies; knowledge was withheld until one had attained a certain degree of understanding [or been admitted into an inner sanctum]. For a long time I was not comfortable with this, because I objected to withholding information, which I felt should be made freely available to all. To some degree I still feel this, especially if information is only released to a chosen few, solely based on their social or material status, rather than spiritual experience and abilities. However, in recent years, I have come to feel that we do need to take responsibility for the knowledge and experience we impart to others. In the same way we would not teach someone to drive in a Ferrari sports car, perhaps we should be equally aware of passing on advanced spiritual and healing techniques and teachings only to those who are ready and able to contain the resulting energy. Although this also raises the question of who are we to assess this and who are we to judge? How you choose to interpret this challenge is very personal, I would only suggest that at this stage in your Sacred Journey you are likely to be in a position of great influence on others, so may have to discern what information you share and how you do this because everything you share and teach others will ultimately be your responsibility. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Key aspects of SG9 relate to the power of stillness and silence as well as how we wield sound, as in the spoken word.

Therefore I recommend that you experiment with sounds to discover which might support you in your exploration of this SG.

Sound can align us, giving us a sense of cosmic rhythm. Chanting within a group is extremely powerful and helps unify the group’s energies. Whether it is creating your own sounds or listening to sounds, please do explore this.

Also I strongly suggest you explore the power of ‘prayer’ [and I use the word ‘prayer’ in the sense of also meaning incantation and invocation etc.]. The spoken word combined with focussed intent is immensely powerful.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


The key realisation in SG9 is that, due to our spiritual training, we may have become a devastating force, capable of wielding great power for good but also potentially doing great harm! We must therefore aspire to achieving complete harmlessness, in order that we may receive and wield the gift of power for the greater good of all. This requires constant vigilance and mindfulness.

Also, often our work in SG9 asks us to surrender or relinquish in some way. It is helpful, when working with SG9 themes, to make more time than usual for stillness, silence and meditation.

I pray that the revelation and realisation contained within this Sacred Gateway be unveiled for you and that your true spiritual goal be illuminated with ever greater clarity and focus. May the light of liberation become yours. May you wield your gift of power with purity and strength for the greater good of all.

I send this to you with the hope and prayers that you be watched over and guided at all times by the Illumined Ones. I ask that you connect with only with the aspects of these teachings which serve your Highest Good.

As always, with infinite blessings of light and love,

Stephanie xxx


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