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2nd Sacred Gateway


As a natural follow on from the 1st Sacred Gateway work, we now look at mastery of emotions as well as our mastery of our thoughts. Both are essential skills on our path towards Self-Mastery. 

The key themes within this gateway focus on our relationship with the material world; this can include possessions, money and material security. We seek to understand the powerful effect our desires, emotions and attachments have on our lives. We also look at our connection to the earth. 

At a spiritual level we explore how we, as human beings, are essentially spiritual beings – this gateway is about bringing light into and onto earth.



  The 2nd SG takes us into the life area that relates to the ‘realm of matter’. It includes issues involving money, possessions or desires. Then we are asked to transcend the realm of matter, so that the physical aspects of life serve our spiritual evolution.

  The 2nd SG challenges you to open the door which hides your darkest secrets, let the light in and face the shadow. Discover and form your own code of correct spiritual behaviour. Do not adopt the theories and values of others. Appreciate what you have and overcome an innate covetousness for the possessions of others. 

  We are asked to look at our ‘values’, to ask what gives a spiritual sense of purpose and meaning to our lives. It is time to reflect and ask ourselves: what is truly important?

  Be aware that whilst navigating your way through the 2nd SG, you may experience an overwhelming need to try to control your finances, in order to feel safe on the planet. However, the more you try to hold on to your financial resources the more likely they are to slip away.

  Change your attitude to money and the power that it carries and then you can begin to understand the spiritual implications of wealth.

  Are you willing to face the test of ownership. Can you use, enjoy and then release your possessions and wealth to give your prosperity meaning? In this way, wealth is regenerated and continues in an abundant life cycle. The only point in having possessions is if they help you to develop spiritually; holding on to what we own merely ensures a spiritual stagnation. Can you put your gifts and possessions to meaningful use now? 

  Face up to the repercussions of actions and events in your past, however shameful, and consider how you can make good these deeds. This will help you overcome an underlying eternal fear of being caught out and punished. You will then no longer feel threatened and can start to evolve into a contented being of light. Transmute sexual desire, which is often a source of power and manipulation, into spiritual love for all beings. 

NB:  Controlling animal desires and instincts does not mean ignoring them. It is important to find their rightful place within the consciousness and ensure that these desires are motivated by higher good. Therefore neither promiscuity nor celibacy would necessarily be endorsed for someone on the spiritual path. The aim is to be released from the physical world of desire and this may come about by careful and honest monitoring of one’s motives, thoughts and actions. In this way we begin to understand how matter can be spiritualised and a comprehension of the universal law of attraction can evolve in the consciousness. 



Although I often refer to the ‘taming of emotions’ when working within this Sacred Gateway, a more accurate depiction might be that of gently shepherding or guiding our emotions into a more light-filled state. It isn’t necessarily about ‘controlling’ nor ‘overcoming’ our emotions but transmuting, guiding and channeling this powerful energy into a positive force for good.

For example Anger can be transmuted [via patience, forgiveness, and mindfulness and other consciousness-raising strategies] into passion and commitment, giving us the energy to bring about powerful positive change. Without this transmutation however, anger can be an incredibly destructive force – causing lifelong damage.

I recommend trying the exercise given below.



Ask yourself these questions to help you explore the theme of this Gateway:

  • When do emotions arise as a direct result from the thoughts you are having? When does the reverse apply?  Do you ever experience a strong emotion and then give it even more energy with your thoughts? Give examples.
  • Can you change your emotions with thought? Is it possible for you to ‘reframe’ [as in give it a different, possibly celestial, perspective] a difficult, emotional situation with conscious mindful thoughts and so reduce the power of the emotion?
  •  What key emotions are you most likely to feel on a regular basis?  What triggers these?

Please ponder on the connection between thoughts and emotions. There is no ‘right answer’. Sometimes we will create strong emotions out of thoughts and at other times emotions will seem to arise suddenly from nowhere and engulf us and then we may ‘tame’ them with our thoughts or fuel them further [fan the flames so to speak]. And if we ‘energise’ these emotions with our thoughts we are also more likely to hold on to them. 

Discerning such differences is another skill [and one we look at in the 3rd Sacred Gateway]. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Grounding our energy field is so important when working with our emotional body. By keeping yourself well grounded, you can release and transmute the intense feelings and emotions that may arise through this work. There is no need to ‘hang on’ to these feelings / emotions – let them pass through your energy field. This is a type of spiritual cleansing process.



There is a very powerful spiritual message contained within this Gateway; we are reminded of our Divinity, that as human beings we are naturally holders of the Light. 

As we begin to look at mastery of our emotions and also our desires, we start to explore how these powerful primordial forces can rule us and drive us throughout our lives. Ultimately we wish to harness this same intense and powerful energy and use it with higher consciousness to take ourselves to a point of Self Mastery and enlightenment, where we can truly be of service.

Therefore the principal challenge of the 2nd Sacred Gateway for the spiritual aspirant is to understand and purify our relationship with the material world. We do this in order that our inner light can shine out with greater purity and strength, thereby lighting not only our sacred path but also serving as a beacon to light the way for others.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I pray that you be watched over and guided at all times by the Illumined Ones as you explore the 2nd Sacred Gateway at the level and the way that best serves you. 

With love always,

Stephanie xxx


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