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1st Sacred Gateway



Passing through the 1st Sacred Gateway [SG], we enter the life arena which focusses on the self, one’s identity and individuality. We explore the concept of ‘oneness’ and how this fits in with the seeming contradiction of being alone and yet part of a greater whole.

We seek to discover who we really are!  We seek a deeper meaning in life. At times it can feel as if we are dissolving, we no longer know who we are and what we believe in. Then, when we ride out this storm, we come through the other side stronger and more purposeful.

As part of your 1st SG journey, you may be challenged to experience and understand the meaning of ‘isolation’. You learn how to become a distinct and unique individual without becoming solitary and setting yourself apart from others. The way you hold the Divine vibration is unique and individual to you. The vibration contained within is universal. The challenge is to ensure that the Light shines through you in a way that is a true representation of your soul essence. 

As we move into a more esoteric study of the 1st SG we see that one of the principal challenges is MASTERY OF THOUGHT. The more we explore this life arena the more we come to understand the immense power of thoughtforms [particularly our own!].

The thoughts of someone who is esoterically trained are extremely potent. All aspiring Lightworkers, have a responsibility for the impact their thoughtforms make on those around them.

During times such as these, when major shifts of consciousness are potentially taking place across the globe, our thoughts are more critically important than ever.  We have the power to bring about profound positive change through prayer and light-filled thoughts.

We are also likely will be more sensitive to the thoughtforms of others, so need to accept responsibility for own spiritual wellbeing. This means maintaining good spiritual hygiene, staying well grounded and centred.

Once we activate our ‘recognition’ of a Sacred Gateway we start to walk through life beneath its ‘lens’ and so the challenges and gifts of the SG are magnified. As said above, once we start to consciously explore the 1st SG we become far more sensitive to thoughts!

I recommend you test the power of your thoughts by carefully monitoring your words and mental responses. Observe your reactions and interactions. 

Do you ever participate in gossip, criticisms of others, negative thoughts? Imagine how unconscious negative thoughts can breed further negativity and destructive ideas and concepts, which could spread throughout the world. 

For just one hour per day over the next few weeks, practice creating and radiating positive and loving thoughts and note how this can become deeply woven into the essence of your being until finally you are able to take responsibility for your thoughts at all times.

As you focus your efforts and your thoughts become more powerful, you may also find that you actually have less control over have some challenging and uncharacteristic thoughts unexpectedly arising! Often the following are experienced:

Challenging thoughts can often include: judgement – negative beliefs – self doubt – perfectionism – self criticism – anger. We can also feel overwhelmed by the seemingly unsolvable problems of others [at a global level or at a personal level]. We can feel especially vulnerable.

Strategies to help us overcome any negative thoughts include: compassion [especially towards ourselves] – gratitude – patience [this is really important!] – humour [equally important because keeping light hearted and playful offsets negativity] – acceptance – mindfulness. Discover your own strategies and keep a note of these in your journal.


EXERCISE FOR 1ST GATEWAY – optional but recommended!!

This is quite a challenging exercise and requires a lot of self discipline as well as sustained effort over a period of time.  It is however extremely worthwhile.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Explore ways you can replace or over-ride your negative thoughts with positive ones.

You may like to create some positive affirmations or use a visualisation or a mantra when you find a negative thought arising. I like to choose a positive quality each day and this becomes my ‘default thoughtform’ for the 24 hour period. This is very effective.

Also you may wish to replace certain thoughtforms with specific ‘antidotes’. For example, if I find myself judging someone else, I try to change this to compassion and understanding; reflecting that I cannot truly know what pathway or events have lead that person to be where they are now or why they are behaving in a certain way.

As said above, the themes of this 1st SG revolve around YOU. You are the key to your own spiritual destiny. Mastery of Thought is an immensely powerful gift and an essential skill for all aspiring Lightworkers to acquire. With loving light-filled thoughts harnessed and channeled profound positive transformation is truly possible.


{NB: Those familiar with Astrology will recognise that some of the above themes often relate to Aries energy, the first sign of the zodiac. And indeed as a structure to follow, I do usually deliver the Sacred Gateways material over a 12 month period, commencing around the time of the Spring Equinox as the Sun enters the sign of Aries  spending 1 month approximately in each Gateway, tracking the journey of the Sun.}


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