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5th Sacred Gateway



This Sacred Gateway signifies a powerful turning point in our journey, something which the first 4 SGs have been preparing us for. There is now a subtle shift in emphasis. 

In SG5 we start to get a sense of what lies ahead of us and a glimpse of our true spiritual journey.

Within this gateway we are called upon to make some very important choices [echoes of SG4] and decisions and commitments.

SG5 is primarily about making a ‘Cosmic Choice’, determining whether or not we wish to commit to the ‘Sacred Contract’.

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As said above, the essence of SG5 is about making a ‘Cosmic Choice’ and determining whether or not you wish to commit to the ‘Sacred Contract’. In order to do this, I believe, this Gateway asks us to face some critical spiritual challenges, including the ‘Right Use of Power’.

Working on the first four Sacred Gateways, an array of strengths, talents and spiritual gifts have started to be developed and honed.  Imagine for a moment ……… 
Through exploring these Gateways we have learned how to control our thoughts and mind – harnessing the power of thought. We now understand how to direct our powerful desires and emotions, giving us access to vast amounts of energy. Through perseverance, diligence and discernment we have gathered knowledge and wisdom. And then, most recently, we have learned to transmute these factors into higher spiritual intuition and wisdom. 

Now a process of synthesis will unfold, as these spiritual skills are 

integrated into one powerful whole, resulting in heightened awareness and an ability to guide and influence others.  However, this also brings greater responsibility and certain pitfalls can arise, such as an inflated sense of self.

I am not suggesting we have fully mastered all these aspects. However, even touching upon them and starting to explore them gives us access to an incredible awareness, which leads to a tremendous amount of power. This ‘power’ is something we now need to learn to wield responsibly, with loving kindness, for the greater good of all – and this is not necessarily an easy task!

So it is inevitable that this newly emerging level of power brings its own tests, trials and tribulations!

As you explore SG5 I suggest that you be aware of and on the lookout for some of the following ‘tests’ [and this is not a definitive list, it is just to give you a few ideas].

  •  An obvious one will be the test of ‘Right Use of Power’. You may want to look out for different types of ‘power struggles’. Try not to engage but recognise what is going on, remember: it takes two to make a power struggle! 
  • There may also be tests associated with pride – the ego tends to feel under threat [sensing you are about to make a critical decision] and wants to makes its presence more strongly known in SG5. It can even become rather rampant and will try everything from subtle manipulations to outright defiance, in order to maintain its control. For example, you may be beset by feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness. Or there could be feelings of lethargy and a ‘what is the point of all this anyway’ type of feeling. There are a myriad of ways that this can manifest, so please be mindful.
  • Distractions and diversions from your spiritual path are likely to seem even more tempting and glamorous than usual. The good news is that the more you feel you are being dragged ‘off track’ then the more ‘on track’ you really are!! So, if you are being tempted off the path, it is because the path is really important! [I hope that makes sense?]

What to do in such cases?  

Firstly, as always: stay centred – stay grounded – continue with your regular daily practice.

Work steadily, surely and calmly. 

Be extra diligent with your spiritual hygiene and self-care [cleanse your space, get plenty of rest, connect with supportive like-minded beings etc. etc.]. 

You may find that the distractions and diversions take the form of what is happening in the lives of those around you, with your close friends and family [this is a frequent manifestation for me].  So you might find it helpful to:

  • imagine yourself as the still point at the centre of a raging storm
  • visualise yourself as a stationary solid signpost helping others find their way [signposts that change position and direction all the time are of little help to others!!] 
  • be a rock to which others can temporarily cling for shelter and support [but ensure your foundations are truly anchored before doing this!].

Maintaining your ‘position’ and staying true and steady to your spiritual focal point is key here.

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When we get close to making a major spiritual breakthrough, as inevitably happens when we start to navigate the 5th Gateway] our lower self [ego/personality] tends to intervene. This is partly a self-protection mechanism [because it knows that its influences will be lessened, subdued or have to take second place to our spiritual priorities] – there is a type of basic self-preservation response that seems to kick in. 

Our instincts, plus 1000’s of years of evolution, have programmed us to believe that major change can equal major upheaval, which in turn causes great stress and so it equals danger. 

Note: I believe many would attribute this response to the ‘lizard brain’, which you can read more here about here if you wish:].

So at some basic [and sometimes very hard to recognise] level we start to react out of FEAR!  You may find yourself feeling overly fearful. Deep seated fears can suddenly arise or you may find you are being affected by, or are more aware of, the fears of others. 

As always it is important to remain earthed and centred and not allow yourself to be pulled off track by these emotions. Notice if you are ‘acting out of a fear response’. This does not mean acting in an irresponsible or unsafe way – always use common sense and good judgement!

Interestingly, reacting to fear can have the side-effect of strengthening the ego or personality – it seems that a developed sense of self-importance occurs. 

At a spiritual level another fear can arise, one which can have a far deeper impact than weight imagine: once we accept our divinity and let that soul spark fully ignite within us, then we know our lives will change forever! 


Carefully attune to ensure you are receptive and ready to ‘listen’ to the messages from your higher self – have your journal to hand to write down your thoughts and feelings.

Now read the following words with your heart and soul as well as your mind and get a sense of any fears that may be arising – especially at a soul level. 

Some examples of types of ‘soul level fears’ can be:

  • fear of having to step up and be seen for the being of Light which you truly are  
  • fear of being persecuted for your beliefs  
  • fear of ‘getting it wrong’, not being worthy/good enough  
  • fear of being accountable and taking up your place within the Great Plan of Light.

Please notice if you felt any reaction to these words. Also add your own thoughts to this list.

The problem with trying to identify what is diverting or distracting us from our spiritual path is that these ‘obstacles’/mind traps can manifest in many different ways.  Some are so subtle it is very hard to grasp hold of them and recognise them for what they are.

Can you relate to any of the following?  Please be honest with yourself.

  • We create massively complicated stress-filled lives so we are simply ‘too busy at this time’ to deal with anything spiritual [a favourite for many Light workers]. 
  • Our reasons for not taking our next spiritual steps can seem so very reasonable on the surface. We constantly promise that when life is calmer or work/family is sorted that we will then get on with our spiritual work.
  • We may create wonderful spiritual pursuits to follow, do worthy charity work, support others in our community etc. [all of which are not actually part of our Life Plan but bring us heaps of accolades and ego-rewards as well as being so much ‘safer’ than actually fulfilling our true Soul Purpose!].

Identifying what is truly motivating us is not easy but deep self-reflection and mindfulness and regular meditation will help.  As will keeping a spiritual journal to record your thoughts and feelings.  

How do you know if you are in alignment with your Soul Purpose?

Notice how your body is reacting to certain situations. If you feel joyful, fulfilled and happy [in a contented and calm way] it is likely that you are ‘on track’.  If you are doing something with a certain lack of willingness or out of duty then perhaps it is time to review and recalibrate in some way.

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The influence of the 5th Sacred Gateway can manifest in so many ways, however there is something I feel it is important to emphasise: it is here in this Gateway that we have a choice to allow [or invite] our Higher Self [Higher Mind if you prefer] to ‘lead and guide’ our lower self [or ego or personality if you prefer].  

I have used these various descriptions because I don’t wish to get caught up in terminology but I do want to convey a sense of the key lessons contained within this Sacred Gateway.

When we start to lead our lives under the guiding influence of the Higher Self rather than other aspects of our being [and I include conditioned and programmed beliefs, habits, obsessions, desires and thought forms in here as well as the ego/personality/lower self] then inevitably some challenges occur.

Another aspect I’d like to clarify is that [in my view anyway] we cannot simply, on a chosen day, just ‘switch’ from leading our lives guided from a primary ‘lower self level’ to leading our life purely from the perspective of the Higher Self. It is a gradual process, one that has to be repeated and reiterated over time. Also it is done sometimes in layers, stages or sections [not literally!] and so we may find it very easy to lead some aspects of our lives from the Light-Guided-by-the-Higher-Self point of view and then in other life areas we might plunge into the depths of lower self leadership!!  For example: are you exactly the same person at all times, whether at home or at work/in the office/travelling/with the extended family etc.?

However, I do feel we can make the commitment to being open and willing to undertake this life-changing process in a single split second. This is a life changing point in our Sacred Journey. We can then confirm/reaffirm our wish and commitment to this process over and over again – countless times during countless lifetimes.

So there are 2 ‘key lessons’ [or messages] contained within SG5 that I am trying to convey here:

1] Generally most of us cannot achieve this Higher Self leadership in just one meditation or one process – however we CAN commit to undertaking the process and then confirm and reaffirm our wish and commitment to doing so over time – and this act of commitment can take place in SG5.

2] This is a process. It is done in steps or stages – but each time we simply aspire to working in this way, another layer of resistance will dissolve and the Higher Self will shine through with greater clarity. The image I have to describe this is of a celestial onion [!] and each layer of the onion needs to be infused with the Light and transmuted so it is thereafter guided by the Higher Self.  It is possible for several layers to be activated and cleared at one time and it is also possible that one ‘layer’ might take several processes before it is clear. So in simple terms, we need to keep repeating this process. However, each time we do so, it does get easier, also the levels we reach are much deeper.

Having passed through SG5, very many on the spiritual path choose to stop at that point; feeling they have acquired sufficient spiritual skills and knowledge to lead a spiritually fulfilling life and serve at a level that feels right and true for them. You may feel this is the case for you. For others, it is more appropriate to revisit the first five Gateways, studying them in greater depth before moving further forward at a later time. Let your heart and soul guide you to work in the way that is good and true for you and best meets your soul’s needs at this point in time.


I am sending you light-filled blessings and prayers that you always be watched over and guided safely and wisely through the 5th Sacred Gateway – may you make the right choice for you at this point on your Sacred Path.

Sending infinite love and light-filled blessings to all, 


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