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3rd Sacred Gateway


In essence, the 3rd Sacred Gateway [SG3] encapsulates the Sacred Journey of the Soul on the path to enlightenment.

When we first encounter the challenges of SG3, we are focussing on developing knowledge into spiritual intelligence. We then take this further until knowledge evolves into spiritual wisdom. This is a process that requires conscious effort, discipline and training. 

It is during this SG that we start to learn to identify and then follow our ‘true spiritual path’. Alongside this, we also need to delve more deeply into how we walk our spiritual path and especially examine what might sidetrack or distract us from fulfilling our soul purpose.  We must recognise that we are easily distracted, diverted and even misled!  So this SG requires us to develop discernment, diligence and perseverance and it kindly offers us a series of tests to ensure we develop these skills.

SG3 is multi-facetted and the gifts and challenges it offers will vary greatly from individual to individual, depending upon where you are on your own path.  A simple but effective strategy is to focus on what life is presenting to you in your immediate environment, whilst making ample time for meditation and self-reflection. Aim to be vigilantly aware of what distracts and diverts you away from your spiritual path.



The SG3 reminds us of the power of the mind and the fact that ‘conscious thought’ helps us to learn and grow spiritually. In some ways it is a higher octave of the lessons we visited in the 1st SG. Develop your communication skills, share your wisdom and be prepared to act as well as think.

SG3 tests our ability to transmute intellect into spiritual intelligence [ultimately leading to spiritual wisdom]. To live intelligently is to live responsibly. Energy follows thought. Can you take full responsibility for every single one of your thoughts? The power of seed thoughts must germinate into conscious light, lived fully in daily life. Does your life fulfil the dictates of your soul being? Can you express the power of life and light, via conscious thought in your daily life?

We are encouraged to develop our communication skills and share our wisdom. Now is a time to act as well as think.  Explore how to share the wealth of knowledge you have accrued on your journey through life. Actively participate, rather than observing intellectually from a safe point outside. To learn the lessons of life truly, you need to dive in, make mistakes, connect with humanity and let personal experience anchor your learning. 

It can help to look back on your life in order to learn from past experiences or refer to the lives of others for inspiration. Remember, you have the power to write your own book of life, your words, actions and thoughts will be recorded, so be sure that the legacy you leave behind will inspire others who follow you. 

One interesting challenge in this SG is that we may need to seem to relinquish our need for freedom by accepting greater responsibility and commitment. However, paradoxically, through doing this we can gain a less restrictive lifestyle and ultimately have a greater sense of freedom. The continual fear of being trapped, tied down or restricted places us within a prison of our own making. 



If you would like to explore some of the themes of the 3rd Sacred Gateway over the next few weeks, I suggest you allow yourself to become much more sensitive to how your higher self and the Universe might be trying to give you guidance and hints.

For example be aware of opportunities for spiritual study, look out for sacred symbols such as labyrinths & mazes. Let your ability to discern become more finely honed.

Also consciously strengthen your willingness to persevere on your path whilst being on your guard against anything which might ‘seduce’ you from your true spiritual path. One of the most important aspects of SG3 is to identify what distracts or diverts you from your Soul Path. It may not be what you think nor may it be evident. It sometimes can be very subtle. We are reminded of the importance of conquering illusion and ‘glamour’ [in the esoteric meaning of the word]. For example, false teachers or teachings are often disguised as being ‘very spiritual’ and can initially be very flattering to the student, feeding the ego.

A key message for this SG is to understand the true nature of service in action. It can be very productive to reflect on what this means in practical terms and how you can be of positive service in your daily life.

You will also find below an exercise you may wish to try.


EXERCISE  – FINDING WHICH ASPECT OF THIS GATEWAY IS ESPECIALLY RELEVANT FOR YOU{Please ensure you are fully spiritually attuned before embarking on this exercise!}

This SG presents us with 5 key tests. One or two of these are likely to be especially relevant to you at this moment in time. I suggest over the next few days that you spend some time reflecting on just one aspect of these tests.

How to decide which one to focus on? 

    •    You can read through the summary notes below and see which one ‘calls you’.  

    •    You could make a set of 5 cards – blank on one side and a number from 1- 5 on the other. Shuffle them and then, asking which ‘test’ is most relevant for you, choose a card.  

    •    Or you could even roll a dice and see what number comes up – if number 6 occurs you could take this as a sign that you need to attune more deeply OR even that you need to roll the dice twice MORE as you need to look at 2 of the tests! [Whichever way you decide to work, set up your ‘rules’ in advance!].

IMPORTANT: However you choose to work always ensure you are in an attuned and receptive state of mind.

Here is a summary of the 5 Tests and a brief insight into how they might  manifest, please note these are indicators only, these tests are complex and can take many forms – use ‘discernment’ always please! [Note if you are feeling a resonance with one or two of these tests as you read the words]:

Test 1 asks us to increase our openness and receptivity to the subtle hints and guidance offered to us to help us find Our Way on our path. Increase the amount of time you meditate, journal daily, record your dreams. Regularly ‘ask’ for guidance and help, as this opens the channels for us to receive.

Test 2 challenges us to cease struggling with a long standing issue and instead offer it up to the light to release it. Lately you may have become more aware of a repeating life pattern, either in terms of emotions or thought-forms.  By acknowledging it and holding it up to the light, your awareness grows and its hold over you diminishes.

Test 3 asks us to recognise that some ‘spiritual gifts’ and teachings may not be as they seem. Be discerning. Differentiate between the lower psychic and higher spiritual realms. Reflect to see if you have somehow become enslaved to certain ideas or teachers. Look at what might be holding you back in some way.

Test 4 asks us to be of service in our immediate surroundings [family, neighbours, friends, colleagues]. Many healers like to give help and healing to total strangers but ignore those close to them. Some believe that we choose our circumstances; so those who surround us are the people who we have chosen to help us develop.

Test 5 encourages us to offer ourselves gladly in service at a higher spiritual level. When we truly give of ourselves selflessly in service, then spiritual wisdom is gifted to us, with no need to strive for it. Understand the nature of being of service on earth, let go of ‘spiritual ambitions’ and take responsibility for your own needs.



Your Divine guidance may be very subtle and only glimpsed at times, therefore be watchful for such signs. Guard against illusion and superficially exciting teachings. Look at how you can forget yourself and give to others in service. The golden apples of wisdom will be given freely to you when you observe these points. The test for you now is to not just be content with having spiritual thoughts and aspirations; you need to translate these into spiritual actions. Look at how you can make your spiritual life an earthly reality.


May you be watched over and guided at all times as you walk your true path, discovering ever deeper levels of spiritual knowledge and honing your ability to transmute this into spiritual wisdom.

Sending infinite love and light-filled blessings to all, 


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