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I love this Gateway! Although in some ways I find it challenging, I also love the innocence, purity and depth of the lessons contained within it. I hope you find it inspiring, uplifting and illuminating.

How we relate and respond to this Gateway will be very individual and depend largely upon the preparatory soul work already carried out in previous/other lifetimes, as well as earlier in this life.

The words ‘open our hearts up to humanity’ have never been as apt as they are right now for all those who seek to serve the light. This is the key theme of SG4.

Themes and keywords for SG4 include: intuition – innocence – expansiveness – collective consciousness – humanity – serving the group consciousness – the birth or realisation of higher intuition out of instinct and intellect – making the wise choice.

 * * * * * * * * * *


When we first encounter the challenges of SG4, themes involving family and home may arise. The aim is to help us connect compassionately with humanity, which is a key theme of SG4. Showing compassion towards ourselves is equally important. To successfully navigate our way through SG4 and spiritually evolve, we will often need to take time out to rest, renew and regenerate.

The challenges we encounter are designed to help us understand the spiritual nature of SG4. They help us seek the pivotal point around which our soul revolves and find the true centre of our spiritual being. This builds the sturdy foundation from which your spiritual being can establish roots, thus liberating the soul.

When you are truly centred, the soul is free to explore its path. Strong stabilising foundations help you assimilate the lessons that life offers. You may wish to ask: ‘how can I be more centred in order to follow my Divine path?’

When we start to work with SG4 on a more esoteric level, we find ourselves being  asked to access consciously our higher wisdom & intuition [via the integration of instinct and intellect] and so make the ‘Wisest Choice’. As we deepen our understanding of how instinct and intellect can serve us well in life, we come to understand that they need to merge and flow onwards and upwards into higher consciousness. This ultimately gives us immediate and constant access to spiritual wisdom and higher intuition. We are thus equipped to ‘recognise the realm of spirit’; ‘capture spiritual reality’ and have an ‘instantaneous recognition of truth and reality’. 

This is an extraordinary gift. We learn that we really do have the power to choose. 

Building on our ability to connect compassionately with humanity, we are tested further to open our heart centres, particularly to humankind. The key test is to work for the greater good of humanity and serve the group consciousness. As we open our hearts in this way, so we connect with the human family, and we realise we can both give and receive strengths, talents and gifts from one another. Gradually, through this subtle form of sharing, an understanding of the true nature of synergy can emerge. If we are especially blessed we may even realise the immense potential this offers us. 

We start to look beyond our personal journey and connect more with the universal mind and group consciousness. 

 * * * * * * * * * *


As we deepen our commitment to our spiritual path and further expand our consciousness, so SG4 guides us to prepare our subtle energy system for the ‘ensoulment process’. So the soul is able to take form – spirit may enter matter. Cosmic alchemy! We become holders of the Light whilst on earth. The ‘Light body’ is given its etheric sheath in order that the soul energy may fully enter. Through you, as your subtle energy system evolves, the Light is able to enter the earth – spirit enters matter. We literally become ‘embodiments of light’ whilst we walk the earth plane – both a privilege and responsibility of vast, almost unimaginable, proportions.

It is interesting to note that the 4th [as well as the 10th] Sacred Gateway is known as a ‘gateway gateway’, a time when the veils thin and there is an opportunity for a great raising of consciousness. Humanity is able to making a stronger and more coherent connection to the spiritual realms.This may be time when those who have committed to ‘serve the Light’, may be called upon to fulfil the roles of ‘gatekeepers, light ushers, guardians and/or protectors’.

NB: Extreme sensitivity can result and challenges manifest in our daily life in order to test these processes. SG4 is exceptionally demanding on the subtle energy system. If you are actively working with the SG4 process, it is likely that you will feel incredibly sensitised, disorientated, ’stretched’ or exhausted or exhilarated. Numerous ‘symptoms’ can occur during this process and diligent spiritual hygiene and self-care is paramount. Please do not underestimate the amount of ‘work’ you are undertaking – much of it may have been while you slept or were not fully spiritually conscious. 

Further reading: See notes below about how the first 4 SGs intertwine, giving us a coherent path of spiritual development.

 * * * * * * * * * *


During the 4th Sacred Gateway we may start to feel the universality of our work and journey. It is as if we start to put it into a context of a greater whole [i.e. start to see the bigger picture]. The 1st three Gateways’ tests relate mainly to us personally, whereas in the 4th Gateway we look beyond our 

personal journey. In the 4th Gateway we start to connect more with the universal mind and group consciousness. 

In the first Gateway we looked at the MIND, controlling our thoughts and the importance of a conscious mind, learning mental control. Then in the 2nd Gateway we explored desire and INSTINCT and also glimpsed that first flash of spiritual illumination. In the 3rd Gateway there was a theme of duality as the higher self connects with, and then to some degree rules, the lower self, leading to the development of spiritual intelligence [INTELLECT]. 

Have you noticed how the Gateways seem to ‘overlap’ or open us up to different dimensions of the same theme? As we move through the 12 Gateways I feel this will become more noticeable, especially from this point on. 

Our 4th Sacred Gateway work will echo themes we have already looked at in the 3rd Gateway – such as perseverance, diligence and discernment. Our willingness to be of spiritual service will be further tested, particularly in regard to group work. 

The 1st and 2nd Gateways mirrored and complemented each other in some ways [for example: does energy and emotion / desire follow thought? – or do we fuel – or rule – our desires with our thoughts?]. The work we did in the first two gateways helps us to meet the challenges of the 3rd and 4th Sacred Gateways. The first 4 Gateways can be seen as preparatory steps – in readiness to culminate in the 5th Gateway, as you will see next month. 

Note the incredibly logical progression as the “disciple” is trained and strengthened via passing through the Gateways. In the 1st Gateway we learned how to control our minds to some degree – then by facing the challenges of the 2nd Gateway we developed a capacity to register illumination. In the 3rd Gateway our ability to forge a contact with our immortal / spiritual aspect evolves. And now in the 4th Gateway our task is to intuitively recognise the realm of spirit and make the ‘wise choice’. 

Equipped in this way we will then be prepared and ready “for the greater work.” 

Please remember, even the very smallest steps we take to work consciously with the Sacred Gateways will help us to serve the Light more effectively. So, however much or little you have done so far, please do persevere and continue. Also please note that although the work appears sequential and one SG prepares us for another, it is absolutely not essential to have fully mastered one SG before progressing onto another. Often we find our way into this Great Wheel, which makes up the 12 SGs, via one or two SGs, which has particular significance and resonance for us.

 * * * * * * * * * *


Over a period of a few days, preferably just after meditation, I suggest you quieten your mind and ask this simple question:

“as I walk on earth with my heart centre open, extending unconditional love to all fellow humankind, what is the wisest choice I can make right now?” 

Have a sense of the nature of the response. Notice how you feel. Record in your journal what you feel or sense. Don’t censor, simply ground the feelings, impressions and any words or symbols that come to mind. 

I suggest you ponder this question for a few days. Take it into your meditations. Reflect on it upon rising and before retiring to bed. 

Whenever you work in this way, do write down your thoughts and feelings, as this grounds the process. Do not underestimate the power of this simple process.

 * * * * * * * * * *


It is surely a critical time for us all to ‘open our hearts up to humanity’ and for each of us to fulfil our part in the Great Plan. As we work on our ‘Soul Evolution’ so our subtle energy system evolves and refines. This greatly increases our ability to hold and transmit light. We become a gateway for Light to enter Earth – for Spirit to enter Matter. We literally become ‘embodiments of light’. 

Please go gently, treat yourself with tenderness and kindness. Remember, each and every soul is precious.

 * * * * * * * * * *

May you be watched over and guided at all times as you  work with the extraordinary spiritual opportunities offered by the 4th Sacred Gateway – may the process be profound and filled with joy and unconditional love.

Sending infinite love and light-filled blessings to all, 



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