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7th Sacred Gateway


SG7 marks the exact mid-point in our journey of exploration through the Twelve Sacred Gateways and our spiritual efforts have more of an outward focus.

The fundamental themes of this SG are balance and harmony. These require us to look at our interactions with others and the world around us.

We are challenged to resolve and harmonise the apparent contradictions and paradoxes that life continually presents. For example why do we mindlessly destroy that which is so precious and that we dearly love? We start to learn how to unite seeming opposites.

We are challenged to co-operate, share and lovingly interact with others yet maintain our distinctiveness and individuality. Interdependence is key.

Interaction with others is vital for the soul to grow. 

We explore the idea of mutual dependancy, learning how to remain true to ourselves, expressing our values with purity and truth, and yet not be set apart from others. Our challenge is to retain our power without taking power from others!

The middle path of co-operation and interaction ultimately gives us stability and spiritual fulfilment but may not be achieved without serious study and effort.

This is a time of choice; important decisions have to be made; both personally and collectively.

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Cosmic Balance and The Harmonising of Extremes are two major themes of the 7th SG. 

We also explore how we might serve in the role of mediator, bridging different worlds and viewpoints.

We are challenged to learn how to span two dimensions, effortlessly [walking on earth whilst honouring your spiritual nature]. 

There is more emphasis on interdependence, integration and greater harmony within relationships. We may find our close and personal relationships ‘kindly’ present some useful tests to help us develop our skills! Existing relationships may need to be redefined.

Our inner paradoxes may surface, ready to be healed.

There can be a shift from an inward movement of energy to an outward one, giving a sense of ‘transitioning’ and ‘straddling’ or bridging two strands of energy. This can feel like balancing between two poles of energy, a sacred skill requiring wisdom, intuition, fluidity and sensitivity. 

For our own personal development, we may need some solitary time to look inwards and work on ourselves. However to also be of service to others we perhaps have to adopt a more outward looking perspective and willingness to interact with others. Be aware of managing this potential ‘conflict’.

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This is very simple but nonetheless illuminating.

Find a physical image [a picture or physical object] of a symbol which classically represents duality. The ying/yang is a perfect example. Then spend some time in a meditative state reflecting on it. Get a deep sense of how one cannot exist without the other. Feel the unity of opposites, the mutual dependency. 

Wikipedia’s description of the yin/yang symbol rather succinctly sums up the key principles of SG7: 

“In Ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” ~ Wikipedia

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This Gateway asks us to focus on integration and how we can balance seeming opposites. The following exercises can help stretch your awareness of

Have some fun with this exercise – there are no right or wrong answers, although what occurs whilst doing this can be very illuminating.

Please do not read any further until you are actually ready to do the exercise – it is important that it is done spontaneously. Ideally allow about 30 minutes for this.

The exercise is in 3 sections but the aim is to do all 3 parts in one sitting – however I do ask you to come back and review and add to your answers later, SO LEAVE SOME SPACE AT THE END OF YOUR NOTES FOR EACH PART TO ADD FURTHER THOUGHTS LATER.

Do this exercise in an attuned and grounded state and write down your ‘answers’ in your journal [remembering to leave space for extra thoughts later]. 

Part 1: PAIRS

Give yourself just 5 – 10 minutes to spontaneously write down all the pairings of thoughts that occur to you [when I say ‘pairs’ I mean things such as yin/yang, night/day, inwards/outwards or whatever else comes to mind when I ask you to ‘pair up’ ideas.  Aim for at least 10 pairs.

Part 2:  OPPOSITES    

List 10 key descriptive words often used in a spiritual context – such as ‘conscious’ or ‘aware’ or ‘wisdom’.

Write these down before reading the next instruction!!

Now go back through your list of key descriptive words and write next to its opposite BUT without using prefixes such as ‘un’ or ‘non’. So ‘unconscious’ or unaware’ would not count! And what is your idea of the opposite of ‘wisdom’?


Now spontaneously list 5 [or more if possible] examples of polarised energies that you can observe around you – these may be people, things, politics, countries, energies etc.

Write these down without giving them any thought – write down whatever comes to mind! Don’t censor your ideas.

Now look at what you have written and consider if they are truly polarised, are they really two extremes?  Or is that the assumption we make without delving beneath the surface? And what do they have in common? Are they just parts of the same whole? Is one actually dependent upon the other? Do they share some traits?

Note down your thoughts on this.

I recommend you keep coming back to this exercise over the next few days – add to it. Allow your mind to expand on the concepts of balance, polarising and opposites. 

Get a sense of the interaction and above all interdependent nature of all these pairings, especially those that seem to be opposite.

Write down your thoughts and reflections. Expand on this exercise. Dive deep into this topic!

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Ultimately, when we master the challenges of SG7 we can effortlessly span two dimensions [physical and spiritual]. We walk on earth and, at the same time, honour our spiritual natures. Seeming paradoxes are healed within us. This is not the work of a moment! It requires persistence and dedication. However it is possible. 

Those who seek to serve the Light are the Keepers of the Sacred Equilibrium and a point of Cosmic Balance for others. It is an honour to be able to be of service on the planet at this time. 

As always, I offer this to you with heartfelt prayers that you be watched over and guided as you walk through the 7th Sacred Gateway to that point of perfect Balance. May you act as a bridge between the worlds of Heaven and Earth. May you serve as a Sacred Portal for the Light and a point of Celestial Integration. Finally, please remember to reach out and ask to receive the Angelic help and support that is there for you at all times.

With love and light-filled blessings to all,

Stephanie xxx


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