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6th Sacred Gateway


In SG6 we explore the Power of the Feminine Principle and the importance of valuing and honouring the Sacred Vessel. We deepen our appreciation for the preciousness of a human birth, acknowledging the opportunities it offers us for spiritual growth.

We learn the value of being open to effortlessly receiving rather than grasping. We explore how being powerful does not necessarily mean taking action and to be passive does not mean to be weak.

‘Healing the feminine’, in all senses, is a key theme. This relates to us personally and to those around us. It also relates to our planet earth. In our journey through SG6, we can discover what we are here to heal and how we might do this.

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SG6 marks the start of a new phase of the path. The first 5 SGs could be considered ‘preparatory’. We have been encouraged to learn to master our thoughts, emotions and desires. We have developed a spiritual intelligence and learned to make the wisest choices for highest good. Then finally, in SG5 we made the commitment to allowing our higher self to guide and lead us from this point on.

Now it is time to test our resolve, ensure we have really learned those lessons, so embedding them into our being. Here, from SG6 onwards, we ‘strengthen the soul’.

It is worth emphasising that from SG6 onwards everyone will experience the SGs differently and uniquely. This depends largely upon the experience and soul evolution of the practitioner and also the context [mundane backdrop] of the incarnation circumstances. There is no ‘one size fits all’ teaching.

When we first encounter this SG, challenging life experiences serve to help us discover our inner strengths. To understand something fully, we must experience it personally and thereby gain mastery of our power. Therefore many do find this SG challenging on a personal level.

However, we must also learn to guard against over-empathising with the suffering of others. Discover where you can most effectively apply your spiritual talents and ensure that your efforts are not wasted. Find ways to balance your need for perfection and idealism with earthly realities and limitations.

Although fulfilment will likely come to you through the application of your spiritual principles within earthly service, you may need to build up your belief in yourself, develop your confidence and trust in the goodness of the universe. Whatever path you eventually choose, you are likely to face the test of faith.

In SG6 we can start to learn the cosmic art of ‘weaving’ subtle energies and creating form – all whilst being still. We do not go out and seek energy, we draw it to us! Ways of doing this include ritual, prayer, meditation and invocation.This is an extraordinary gift when fully mastered.

There is an even more complex and refined challenge contained within SG6 and that is the process of ‘Divine Alchemy’ – fulfilment of your role as the ‘Sacred Vessel’.. It is through Divine Alchemy that we become the vehicle through which spirit may enter matter and light enters earth. A physical embodiment of Divine energy. At first, for those who are diligent and discerning, subtle hints and glimpses of this challenge will be revealed. Over time, once sufficiently spiritually prepared, this initiatic process may unfold.

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As said above, the gifts, lessons and challenges within SG6 are multi-facetted and experienced very differently by everyone – not all of the following will necessarily apply to you – discern which aspects are important for you

NB: A key test is to allow the difficult and challenging experiences in your life to be of service to you. There is no point in suffering a tragedy if you do not learn and grow from it. How can you use the times of suffering in your life purposefully? Can you find sufficient courage to use personal tragedy to aid your self-discovery process?

– Stillness & Patience – we are reminded of the importance of being rather than doing, we allow energy to be drawn to us. Slow down. Be patient with yourself and others. Allow an ‘unfolding’ to take place. You may need to restore/recharge your energies or simply have time to ‘cogitate’ as well as meditate and reflect!

Harmony & unity out of conflict – SG6 can also raise our awareness of conflicts and the need for unity, integration and cooperation. Be aware of a need for peace, stillness and understanding. Do not get drawn into or add to the conflicts!

The Power of the Great Mother and the Feminine Principle are other names we could call SG6. Consider exploring your relationship with Mother Earth, the Mother or Feminine Principle. Look at how you nurture and are nurtured. Try, over the coming weeks, to deepen your connection to the planet. Sense your own feminine power and the power of the feminine principle at work around you.

The importance of taking care of the physical – view the physical body as a holder of the light, literally a ‘Sacred Vessel’. Honour it and take care of it accordingly.

Creating order in our life, ‘sorting the seeds’, discerning what it important – we may feel a need to start making sense of our lives and bringing more order into our daily life. Our priorities may change dramatically. Discernment is a quality we revisit in SG6 [having first looked at this in SG3].

Attracting that which we need – be open to the gifts and opportunities that are continually being presented to us. Start to see the guidance, messages and signs that are being proffered. Receive the abundance that surrounds you. Practise gratitude and generosity [of spirit as well as materially].

Accepting it is part of the process to make mistakes – it is inevitable that at times we will ‘get it wrong’ but we may find we have a greater need than usual to be perfect. This may be because we sense the perfection of the Light we carry and feel we should be ‘perfect’ in order to be worthy of being a ‘Sacred Vessel’. It is especially important to be forgiving and compassionate towards ourselves, as well as to others.

One final point – we are here to serve the Light and hold Sacred Space: please remember that, as Lightworkers, we hold the space for others to grow into [but cannot force them into that space!]. They must evolve at their pace, not ours! This can at times be enormously frustrating when we see the incredible potential in others; it can be a very hard challenge to stand back and wait patiently!

NB: Remember, even supposedly spiritually experienced or advanced souls can fail spiritual tests whilst seeming to achieve positive outcomes – constant vigilance is required.

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Glance through these exercises and notes and see which [if any] ‘call’ you.

Exercise 1: Letting go of the need for perfection – Redemption & Forgiveness

Often in this Gateway we sense the purity and perfection of all that is at the core of creation [including ourselves] and naturally we aspire to it. However this sensitisation to the ‘perfection of all that is’ can also lead to an unrealistic striving for perfection which can in turn makes us overly perfectionist, self-critical and unforgiving.  

This can also lead us to judge others and be less than tolerant!

Please consider that even the most terrible misdeeds can be neutralised in time and redemption is possible, with true contrition and the appropriate actions. The classic Buddhist example often given of this principle is the life of Milarepa [who committed some of the most heinous crimes including murder, before becoming enlightened!]. This post, written by the wonderful Jack Kornfield, very eloquently expresses these ideas, please do read. You may also like to carry out the ritual he describes.

And a final thought on this: SG6 helps us see the purity and perfection of our true nature – we also however have to guard against becoming paralysed by our endeavours to achieve perfection. Sometimes we simply have to accept that we will make mistakes and yet can still honour the perfection that is within us.

 –  –  –  –  –  

Exercise 2: Exploring and connecting with the Feminine Archetypes

Over the next few days, look around you and be especially aware of feminine symbols and signs. Notice if certain structures, images, words, pictures, architecture, forms in nature etc. remind you of the Archetypal Feminine Energy in some way.

Be especially aware of how you feel and resonate with feminine imagery.

Also look out for gateways, doorways and openings that have a feminine feel to them. If possible, mindfully and slowly walk through these – be especially aware of being ‘drawn’ through these – feel the magnetic attraction energy that is often found within the feminine gateways.
Also reflect on which women or female icons you find inspirational.  These can be living, dead, real or fictional – let them embody for you the power of the feminine. Write down which aspects particularly inspire you. For example, is it their compassion strength or wisdom?  How do you feel about the feminine principle?

Also you may like to explore how the role of The Mother has unfolded in your life. How you were mothered and how might you mother others? This is not necessarily in the literal sense – this exercise is equally applicable to men as well as women and those without children.

 Also look at how group energies might mother or nurture us, whether these be religious organisations, communities, states or even countries.

  Finally look at how your connection with the Planet Earth nurtures and supports you. Are you able to access and draw upon this infinite source of power and strength? What might you do to help you further deepen your connection to the Planet?

–  –  –  –  –  –  

Exercise 3:  Understanding the nature of conflict

This is not necessarily easy to do [nor explain – so please read these words with your higher mind and heart!]  …..

Take some time to ponder on the nature of conflicts that you can observe going on around you. These could be small arguments taking place between young children or conflicts on a huge global scale between countries.

Get a sense of what is happening. What is at the core of these conflicts? What is it that both sides want? In a strange way there is often a common goal – although they may be set against each other, they perhaps want the same things – such as power, control, freedom.

Until true tolerance can take place and an accommodation of one another’s needs, perhaps there will always be conflict? 

The 6th Gateway suggests we look at how seeming opposites can synthesise – this gateway is where we become the ‘Holy Mother’ and are able to carry the Child of Spirit on Earth. Within us, we can unite that which is seemingly impossible to unify – matter and spirit – light on earth – the true Cosmic Alchemy.

Are you able to become the holder and enabler of such a potent and sacred process? Are you able to be the Holy Mother carrying the Child of Light?

Please let your higher self guide you to ponder further on these phrases and themes. Do record your thoughts in your journal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The many gifts, lessons and challenges of the 6th Sacred Gateway could perhaps be summarised as guiding us towards discovering “The Sacred Purpose of Being Human”.

I believe our Sacred Purpose is to be holders of the Light – physical manifestations of the Light – Divine Alchemists – and SG6 helps us take significant steps towards reaching this point. 


I send you infinite blessings of light and prayers that you be watched over and guided by the Angelic as you navigate these next steps through the Sacred Gateways of the Soul. May you manifest and be a holder of the sacred wisdom of the Cosmic Mother, in the way that is good and true for you.

With very much love, always

Stephanie xxx


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