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8th Sacred Gateway


Within the realm of SG8 we can finally achieve ‘Liberation’ because freedom from illusion is the key theme for SG8. 

We achieve this by gaining mastery of our most powerful inner desires. Then, finally, we cease to be driven by fears and attachments.  

Thus we become bearers of the Light of Liberation and then, in turn, we can liberate others. 

SG8 takes us into the traditional taboo areas of death, sex, money and power.

Inevitably, as part of our journey through SG8, we are asked to explore the eternal wheel of life, accepting the inevitable and continual process of renewal and resurrection.

We learn to accept the dissolution of our own being, in order that rebirth may the place. Dealing with death and karma, in its myriad forms, is an essential part of the SG8 journey. Accepting the karmic implications of our actions and taking absolute responsibility for every action we take is a vital part of our journey through SG8. The challenge is to understand that each action has a reaction and affects all other beings within the Universe.

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The challenges within SG8 are without doubt deep and intense. 

This SG is said to be one of test – trial – triumph. 

It is vital to aways remember that it is part of our soul destiny that we will triumph.

The keys tests of SG8 are 3 fold in nature:

  • the test of appetite [sex, physical comfort, money]
  • the test of desire [fear, hatred, ambition or desire for power]
  • the test of the critical mind [pride, separativeness and cruelty] [The above is taken from “Esoteric Astrology’ by Alice Bailey.]

Facing these ‘3 within 3’ tests are key challenges for every being who is on the spiritual path. We can see these tests constantly being played out in the world around us. These are all key driving forces in our physical material world. 

To be truly of valuable earthly service, we need to be deeply grounded and connected to the earth plane [in order to earth the Light]. However this can, interestingly, make us more sensitive to these tests of the physical plane, until we have learned to deal with them. Pushing them away or down into the depths or trying not to be too grounded will not work, if we really are committed to walking the spiritual path! 

If you would like to explore all or any of these tests in more depth, I suggest you look at the exercise below which gives more insights into each of them.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Have your journal to hand, ensure you are well grounded, centred and attuned. Write down the ‘titles’ of the 9 tests on 9 identical pieces of card – you can change the following words if you wish [or simply number them 1 – 9].

sex  –  physical comfort  – money  –  fear  –  hatred 

–  ambition/desire for power  –  pride –  separativeness  –  cruelty

When fully spiritually prepared and attuned, shuffle the cards, then choose one asking to be shown which of these 9 ‘tests’ it is most important for you to work with at this time. 

Notice your reaction when you see which one is suggested for you to work with. 

Reflect on this reaction. Write down your immediate thoughts.  Then, if you wish, read the following notes to explore the themes further. 

Over the coming days continue to reflect on this ‘test’. Do not underestimate the potency that bringing this ‘test’ up into the clear air and light may have on you! Be prepared.

SEX: Here the test could be considered the pairing of opposites. Also we can look at passion and how this is harnessed and directed for higher good – rather than becoming an obsession or addiction. We are looking for a ‘Divine blending’ of energy rather than self-serving satisfaction or using sex as a means of selfish control/means of exerting power over others. 

PHYSICAL COMFORT: Although it is understandable to want a life of physical comfort, we need to be on our guard that it does not drive our lives. If we become too comfortable do we fall into a haze of comfy apathy? Or does our constant striving for ‘things’ divert our energy from what is important?  Also do we clog up our energy fields with possessions, which we then have to hold on to, guard or carry around? Sometimes our drive for physical comfort can lead to selfishness and riding roughshod over the needs of others.

MONEY: Craving for money so often leads to selfishness and a ‘reduction’, if not obliteration, of morals and ethics. Sadly this is only too clearly illustrated in the world around us. The pursuit of money sometimes drives even many spiritual individuals to compromise their values. Interestingly we often see that once someone starts to accumulate money they find it hard to stop – it seems to become a never ending pit of desire, which is never satiated. 

FEAR: Fear shapes and conditions so many of our daily actions. Often it is fear of relatively unimportant things such as being ridiculed or rejected [even by people who cannot affect our lives in any way!]. We may fear what might happen in the future. In what ways do we break through or overcome our fears? I would suggest this often occurs when serving a higher purpose. This quote underpins this: “The spiritually-oriented individual has centred his/her thoughts at a level too rarefied for fear to reach” [~ Alice Bailey] – however I feel we have to gently take ourselves to this level, perhaps reaching it on occasions rather than hoping to make it constantly in one leap!

HATRED: Hate can condition our relationships. This is a highly destructive energy; it can literally obliterate or annihilate form. It divides and opposes union and spiritual joining. Look at what fuels hatred – for example: revenge, jealousy, envy, fear, desire for power and control. Having our desires thwarted can generate hatred for the perceived perpetrator.

AMBITION/DESIRE FOR POWER: This will condition our objectives in life, our behaviour in daily life. We often see the desire for power outweigh our desire for love and unity. Personal ambition outweighs the wish for cooperation and mutual success and harmony. NB: Power in itself it not ‘bad’, it is when it is not aligned to love and spiritual purpose that it can corrupt. We have to be aware of our desire to dominate and control.

PRIDE: This can manifest in more than one way. The obvious interpretation is when someone thinks of themselves as above others [self-exalting] which serves to isolate us from others. We place ourselves above and distinct from others. Initially we may feel very self-satisfied by our seeming ‘superiority’ but in fact this creates a barrier to our connection with our soul. Spiritual pride can be especially insidious and can even manifest as a type of false humility. Not only does pride isolate us but it can make us vulnerable to the thoughts and actions of others. It can be part of the next test too.

SEPARATIVENESS: This is where we fragment and focus on the individual parts rather than the whole. The opposite of synthesis and unity. We focus on differences rather than similarities, opposites and disparate factors. We separate and isolate ourselves from the group energy. An over-analytical mind might lead to this tendency together with a rejection of the wish to be part of a collective humanity.

CRUELTY: There are those who do take delight in the suffering of others; they find satisfaction in being able to hurt others. However more commonly there is a cruelty that takes the form of mental abuse of power. It is through using the mind that so many of us mentally torment others, perhaps not even considering that it should be labelled as ‘cruelty’, excusing it as simply a lack of awareness or others having silly sensitivity [think of domineering partners, demanding parents, bullying peers]; ‘mental cruelty’ is now often cited as a reason for a relationship to break up.


These are short and very basic notes. They are just starting points for you. Make your own notes. Give yourself permission to explore further and dive deeply into any which resonate for you or feel significant in some way.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Often SG8 offers us a time for a total re-evaluation of what is truly important. We can discard that which no longer serves us, that which does not align to our soul purpose may start to wither and fall away.

Within SG8 there is the possibility of a profound spiritual transformation, which may feel like a rebirth. You may feel as if you have gone through ‘the gates of hell’, but be sustained by the knowledge that a great joy and light is waiting on the other side.


With these notes I send the hope and prayers that you be watched over and guided at all times and connect only with that which serves your Highest Good. May the Light of Liberation shine through for you, as you face the challenges of the 8th Sacred Gateway.

Stephanie xxx


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