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In many ways, this Gateway tests our learning and understanding from the previous Gateways. It is within SG10 we are called upon to truly be of service to others and where we can put into action the lessons learned and skills developed on our journey to date.

We explore how to use our newly acquired powers and skills, with compassion and enlightenment. We aspire to always serve the needs of others with unconditional love, ensuring that the strong support the weak. We are asked to become a point of light and a shining example for those still existing in darkness, who need loving support. 

We are asked to lovingly assume the mantle of responsibility towards others and the collective. Therefore, it is imperative that we take responsibility for our own actions, thoughts and energies, playing a positive and fully participating role within the global human family.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


SG10 is not always easy! 

As said above, the key theme of the 10th Sacred Gateway is ‘service’ – becoming a beacon of light, giving hope and help to others. Whether we have to descend into the darkest underworlds or ascend the mountains of initiation [or possibly both simultaneously!]; we are charged with always holding the light, as a constant point of inspiration to help others find their way on their soul path.

The challenge of the 10th Gateway is often described as ‘taking the Light into the dark’ – it has also been described as ‘the descent into “hell” to free humanity’. In this gateway we may be asked to fall to our knees and truly offer ourselves, offer our heart and offer our life to being of service. Then, and only then, will we be entrusted with the wisdom and powers of the higher realms.

However, it is very important to remember that this is a gradual process.

Also we have to be on our guard that when we receive the most subtle and tiniest ‘touch’ of soul consciousness that we do not deceive ourselves into thinking that ‘this is it’ – the whole thing. It is easy to misunderstand because even the smallest glimpse gives great insight and a sense of expansion and vastness.

When we fully embrace the tasks and overcome the trials contained within SG10, then we can truly enter the Spiritual Realm. Then we function from the point of “Soul Consciousness”, rather than identifying ourselves with form and therefore the mind, desires and physical body. However this does not mean we ignore these aspects – indeed we utilise them to help us serve yet more effectively because we are, after all, being of service here on earth in human form.

Often at this point in the journey there are two obstacles which arise. Either we are beset with self-doubt and an inferiority complex making us feel so unworthy that we are not able to serve at all – this can stop us in our tracks!! Or the opposite can apply and a huge inflation of ego occurs making us full of our own self-importance and having a grossly exaggerated opinion of our abilities, which is equally diverting and distracting. As always, the task is to find a middle way but also to accept that visiting both ends of the spectrum may occur at certain times!

* * * * * * * * * * * *


We are often required to reflect on how to operate from a soul level of consciousness, whilst in physical form, which is not always an easy balance.  Various tests may be presented to you, as you explore SG10, and can be met at many different levels. Often circumstances in your life will give you opportunities to enhance your spiritual skills,

Read the following notes to see which tests, if any, you have resonated with in the last few weeks:

– You may be undergoing a purification process, sensing a need to discard that which no longer serves you. Take some time to discern what is truly serving you in life. At a practical level you may simply wish to declutter or simplify your life in some way.

– Sometimes at this point in our spiritual journey, we experience feelings of loneliness or disillusionment. If this is the case for you, I suggest you take some time for reflection and meditation. You may need to retreat for a while and rest more than usual.

– Spiritual inaction is another test that can manifest. It is important to act upon good intentions now. Fear of failure or of not being good enough is no longer an acceptable excuse! Resolve to take action if you feel guided to serve in some way.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


In the first 9 Sacred Gateways we focus on our own personal development – our spiritual liberation. In the last 3 Sacred Gateways we work universally, to serve humanity. We aspire to see the spark of light and infinite goodness within every single being, regardless of their current actions, lifestyle, faults or failings; treating everyone alike.

However, please remember, although the focus is now on service to others, it is important that we take good care of ourselves, to ensure we do not burn out [getting lots of rest, quiet time, good diet etc.]. We need to keep our space and ourselves clear and clean so the light shines out with purity and clarity.

As always, I offer this to you with heartfelt prayers that you be watched over and guided at all times, as you take your radiant light into the dark world of form. May the Divine Spark that is your true essence shine out always into this world, continuing to illuminate the way for others.

With love always,

Stephanie xxx


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