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12th Sacred Gateway



The 12th Sacred Gateway is the most esoteric, mystical and mysterious of all the Sacred Gateways. It relates to your connection to the Universe and your role within the Divine Plan. 

Within the arena of SG12, we explore themes of transcendence, spiritual obedience and treading the path of the Light Server, with the sacred purpose of lifting humanity out of darkness into the Light. Therefore, there is particular focus on meditation and spiritual preparation, in order to fulfil our role as Light Servers and ‘World Servers’. Ultimately we are being trained to become ‘World Saviours’.

The lessons and ’messages’ can be difficult to comprehend. Aim always for celestial vision not earthly delusion! The key to accessing the messages and wisdom within this Sacred Gateway is deep meditation and personal reflection. Also, it is vitally important to stay well-grounded, in order to earth the wisdom you channel and contain.

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Within the arena of the 12th Sacred Gateway, we explore themes of transcendence, spiritual obedience and treading the path of the Light Server.

As said above, the key challenge is for the Light Server to become first the World Server and then ultimately the World Saviour, with the sacred purpose of lifting humanity out of darkness into the Light.

We may encounter endings and even death. Old beliefs or religious forms dissolve; a new path and a new way emerges. With the death of the personality, the emergence of the New Group of World Servers becomes possible.

Great care, mindfulness and self-knowledge are required to successfully navigate the way through the maze-like path of SG12. There are many potential mind-traps such as:

  •   Selfless service may become abject and unnecessary sacrifice. 
  •   Obedience can become blind and unthinking spiritual slavery. 
  •   Grand illusion can reign; rather than supreme vision. 
  •   It is easy, when the motive is not utterly pure, for the rescuer to become the victim.
  •   Delusion and self-deception is commonplace. 
  •   We are challenged to recognise the true nature of matter and manifest freedom from illusion – from the unreal into the real. 

Constant vigilance is necessary in order to ensure we avoid such mind-traps and stay on the path towards becoming a World Server and ultimately becoming a World Saviour. Remain at all times alert, grounded and aligned to the light.


The ‘simplest’ path through this Sacred Gateway is to meditate deeply; to know and understand one’s own nature. Also be open to receiving ‘signs’ and guidance from the Universe via seemingly mundane events occurring in your life and the lives of those around you.

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SG12 is a culminating point of completion, wherein we may be preparing for a new spiritual phase. However this also requires endings and a dissolution process to take place within us. We can even, at times, feel like we ourselves are actually dissolving!

You may be asked to distinguish between that which is immortal and that which must end and disintegrate. Are you able to perceive that which belongs to the realm of timeless spirit? You are challenged to understand the true nature of death. Can you allow the transfiguration process to take place within you? As you allow the death of one phase of life, learn that this preludes the birth of a new cycle. 

SG12 signifies a time when we must rise above the everyday mundane world and travel to the realms of spirit to seek illumination. Perhaps it is now time to look at an overview of your life and thereby gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual purpose of the tests you have to face. 


As always, I offer this to you with heartfelt prayers that you be watched over and guided at all times, as you make your way through this final Sacred Gateway. May you truly align to Divine Guidance and Divine Wisdom and so take up your place as a World Server, playing your part in the unfolding of the Great Plan: to lift humanity out of darkness into Light.

With love and light-filled blessings always,

Stephanie xxx


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