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11th Sacred Gateway



When we first encounter the 11th Sacred Gateway [SG11] the main themes relate to how we might work for the collective good and become more aware of the group consciousness.

We discover that greater fulfilment comes through a willingness to participate and contribute to the universal whole.  

As we progress on our path, we learn that part of our role as a Lightserver is to promote more inclusiveness and to be willing to serve in ways that are unseen. We must accept that sometimes our efforts will be unacknowledged or unappreciated and even disparaged or criticised.

We will likely become even more aware of the necessity to remove all barriers of race, creed and nationality and become one united human family. When true inclusiveness rules, spiritual illumination can manifest on earth. 

Are you ready and able to take on the role of social responsibility and leadership to bring about positive change?

When we become part of the group or collective consciousness, we may need to subjugate the ego’s need for personal recognition. Although not an easy task, we will find even greater joy and fulfilment by participating within the brotherhood and sisterhood of the human family.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


There are several key challenges highlighted in this Gateway. It is likely that one or two will be especially relevant for you at a personal level. Certainly they all seem incredibly pertinent for what we are experiencing in the world at this time – especially the idea of breaking down barriers and working to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness. The idea that we are all in this together is very typical of SG11. 

I suggest you read the following notes and get a sense of which aspects are especially important for you right now.


Cleansing is important as we negotiate the challenges of this SG. Is it time for you to do some major Spring cleaning and de-cluttering?

Find ways to get the resources around you to do the work for you.

Still on the subject of cleansing, You may find you are far more sensitive now to the denser energies we may encounter on earth so perhaps increase your protection at this time.

There is more on this challenge in the exercise below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


 A role that is highlighted in SG11 is for us to cultivate the spirit of non-separativeness as much as possible. 

There needs to be an increase in inclusiveness and a collective working for the greater good of the universal whole. Are you able to take on the role of social responsibility and leadership to bring about positive change?

The challenge is to use feelings of discontent to fuel growth and change in systems and situations. Explore how you can bring about creative progress for humanity either within a community or at a global level.  Look at how we can break down barriers.

Our task is to draw out the very best in every human being we encounter. However, if this does not happen then we do not blame them but ourselves, for not having clearly enough connected with them at a truthful level [in the sense of spiritual truth]. I appreciate this may sound a very harsh and almost impossible task. 

A useful starting point is to work with our close family members, friends and neighbours and see how inclusive we are with them. Do we actually understand them and what motivates their actions and deeds in certain circumstances?

How do you feel about being a good ‘team player’ – playing your role within the whole – for that is one of the key lessons within this Gateway?

There is more on this challenge in the exercise below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We are the ‘rulers’ of our own particular realm, however small or wide-spread that may be.

Perhaps this is a reminder to look closely and carefully at the impact we have on everything around us, including the people and environment. We need to be aware of the potential for abuse of power as a ‘Ruler’ – remembering we are all rulers of our own spiritual domain and our thoughts and actions affect those around us.

There is more on this challenge in the exercise below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


SG11 is where new pioneering energies can start to flow through. The foundations laid down now will serve humanity over the next two thousand years. 

Humanity is at a turning point and SG11 underpins this powerfully.

You may find this is a good time for you to find new ways of doing something. You may wish to explore technology a little more or renegotiate your relationship with it [or even cut it out from your life!]. I wonder if your ability to communicate at a more subtle level can develop now?

 * * * * * * * * * * *


Above I wrote about some of the key challenges we might encounter in SG11. Choose one of the following aspects to explore at a practical and in depth level. I suggest working with just one challenge over a period of several days.


All our belongings, whether physical or virtual, are ‘held’ within our auras as well as our space. Explore your personal space, check to see what might benefit from de-cluttering and possibly a deep clean. Perhaps cleanse all your crystals, your sacred space and your altar, if you have one.

Remember to look at ‘digital cleansing’ too. Review what you keep on your phone or computer. Photos are another area that often benefits from cleansing.

Look at anything that might be described as ‘toxic’ in your life.

Go deeper and look at how you might cleanse thoughts, habits and patterns of behaviour. You may even consider cleansing your contacts and the people you associate with [but do this kindly, gently and only after careful consideration!].



Lightservers are very often solitary and isolated beings, preferring their own company or that of nature, animals and just about any realm other than the human one! However, we are currently here on earth in human form and SG11 suggests we are here to serve the human family. How does this make you feel?

Look at your role within your community. Do you feel like you are part of a ‘tribe’ or sister/brotherhood? How do you participate in groups? 

How do you feel about humanity?

If one of our tasks in SG11 is to cultivate a spirit of non-separativeness, how might you do this in your current circumstances? How might you break down barriers and create a more harmonious inclusive atmosphere in your life?



Explore how you can serve unseen. This will often mean working in ways that are entirely thankless in the traditional sense. 

At a practical level look even more closely at the impact you have on everything around you. Maybe take further steps to reduce your environmental impact. 

Carry out acts of kindness and service that no one will know about. Whether it is donating anonymously, cleaning litter from a beauty spot or giving someone a helping hand without them ever being aware of it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


As for SG10, there is now a strong emphasis on being of service. In SG11 this can often feel like a thankless task. Our efforts may not always be recognised or, worse still, they will be criticised or misunderstood. 

However, knowing that you are working with a purity of purpose will help. Also be clear about your wish to serve the highest good and not be in any way ‘self-serving’!

Always remember, you are part of a group of Lightservers called upon to open the doorways for a new level of consciousness within humanity.


As always, I offer this to you with heartfelt prayers that you be watched over and guided at all times.  As you make your way through the 11th Sacred Gateway, may your Cosmic Flame shine out bright and true, lighting the flame within others.

With love and light-filled blessings always,

Stephanie xxx


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