App features


The FREE Life Guidance & Inspiration App gives you:

  • Unlimited free daily readings for life  – you can ask dozens of different questions every day if you wish
  • A choice of two types of reading:

–         The Life Direction Reading – which suggests the best strategy to deal with a problem, make the most of any life situation or simply the optimum approach to take for the day.



–         The Life Wisdom Reading – this gives a more comprehensive reading, identifying the core issue or current challenge you are facing and then suggest best strategy to overcome it.

  • For both reading types you have several choices of question:

–         For quickness and ease you can choose from one of the pre-selected questions; these questions are often ideal for daily guidance readings and to gain general insight into everyday life challenges.

–         If you prefer, you can write your own questions, using the integrated keypad, which means you can be as specific as you like to find the answers you most need at any time



  • There are two types of card shuffle mechanisms, to ensure you fully interact with the app and your intuition is heightened to give you the most accurate readings
  • There are two types of card layout spreads [the ‘spiral’ and the ‘star’] and you have a completely free choice when picking the cards – the cards are not chosen for you. This means the readings are governed by your intuition and will be far more personal and directly applicable to you – you are the one in control of your reading.
  • Prior to each reading, you are offered a meditation screen with step by step guidance to help you prepare for a reading and get the best possible insights – and you can choose to skip over this step if you wish
  • Each screen has access to the ‘more section’ with which has detailed instructions to help you get the most from your app – and on the relevant screens, reminders and help boxes appear to further guide you.
  • You can easily share all your readings at an time via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Some screens also include background sacred sounds [which can be muted if preferred]  – these sounds heighten intuition and aid concentration
  • Throughout the app, classic sacred symbols are featured – these aid the intuition of the user to give more accurate and powerful readings
  •  The app is free, there are no annual charges, no adverts – it is yours to give you free readings for life

All the above features are included within the free app – If you choose to upgrade to the premium version of The Life Guidance and Inspiration App, [for a one-off fee of only US$1.49 / £1.49] you will also receive: ……

  • The comprehensive in-depth readings of all the Challenge,  Inspiration and Life Transformation cards.  These give invaluable, detailed information and explanations as well as exercises, and practical ideas as to how you can best employ the strategies in your daily life
  • A Journal of Readings to keep track of the date and time of your reading, the type of reading and question you asked as well as the cards drawn – this means you can quickly refer back to any of your readings at any time
  • In addition there is a Notes facility allowing you to add your own insights to the readings – and this serves as a ‘spiritual diary’ which is wonderful tool to help further your personal development


There is just a single one-off payment of US$1.49 / £1.49 for the premium version, there are no further charges and no annual renewal fees – the app is yours to give you unlimited Life Guidance and Inspiration readings for life.


SOUL RADIANCE – The sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle

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SOUL RADIANCE – The sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle

  This sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle is the culminating phase – a time of fruition, and possibly even enlightenment. At this stage of your Soul Journey NO ACTION IS REQUIRED , simply LET YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL RADIANCE SHINE OUT – naturally and effortlessly.   Go with the spiritual flow of life.   At this point in our Soul Journey we start to acknowledge what an amazing and precious gift this life is. We begin to recognise the perfection in everything that surrounds us. This recognition allows the...

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SOUL ACCELERATION – Part of the Soul Evolution Cycle

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    Soul Acceleration is the 5th stage of the Soul Evolution cycle and is a time when huge shifts in consciousness are not only very possible but can come easily and with relatively little effort!   This phase offers incredible spiritual opportunities for soul growth. It could almost be likened to receiving the spiritual equivalent of a fast track pass!   If you feel you are in this phase, I would urge you to make the most of this wonderful spiritual opportunity. Even the smallest amount of effort and commitment will be...

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    Sometimes it can be useful to take stock and review where we are in life. Traditionally in the business world many people undertake a “mid year review”.  And I think it can be just as helpful for those of us on the spiritual path to do a similar exercise. Try looking back over the first 6 months of this year to see if there is anything you might like to change or build upon for the second half of the year.   My mid year review process is pretty simple and in case it is of interest or helpful I’ve shared it below...

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  Last month I wrote about the Soul Evolution phase I term “Soul Gateway” and this month I’d like to look at the “Soul Transition” phase which often follows directly on.   The “Soul Transition” phase can represent a significant and life-changing stage on your spiritual path; one which can positively and profoundly enhance your life. It usually occurs shortly after [or occasionally whilst] a big shift in consciousness has taken place, often resulting in us becoming more intuitive and receptive to subtle energies. Our subtle senses...

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SOUL GATEWAY – The third stage of the Soul Evolution Cycle

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Having passed through a phase of soul awakening and having learned to cope with the soul sensitivity brought about by an increase in awareness and spiritual abilities, we are usually faced with an important cosmic choice. It can feel like we are at a major turning point or crossroads. Some will sense that this is a critical point in their soul journey; it might even be described as a type of “soul breakthrough”, which is why I use the term “cosmic choice”. Each soul has to make its own decision as to whether or not to take the next step on...

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Are you passing through a phase of Soul Sensitivity?

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“Soul Sensitivity” is how I describe the second of the six stages of Soul Evolution. Soon after passing through the first stage of “Soul Awakening” [a phase of powerful and significant spiritual change as we awaken to a new level of consciousness] we enter a phase in our soul evolution where we feel very sensitive. I call this Soul Sensitivity but it could also be called “Light Emerging”. It is a pivotal stage of our soul evolution; and often we feel extremely sensitive and vulnerable as we pass through this phase. Some people find it quite a...

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SOUL AWAKENING – a powerful phase in our Soul Evolution

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“Soul Awakening” is the term I use to describe the first of the six stages of Soul Evolution – it is a phase of powerful and significant spiritual change. It is at that point in life when you receive a “wake up call” from your higher self or soul and you are being asked to allow a more spiritual dimension to enter your life. It seems many people are currently receiving such “wake up calls” so I thought I’d share a few thoughts about this phase in our soul evolution with you. Although Soul Awakening is the first stage in the soul evolution...

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EXPECTATIONS – the mind trap that is guaranteed to set you up for stress, frustration and disappointment

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Not only does this mind trap lead us to feeling irritable and exhausted but it can cause stress and harm to those around us because we can become very demanding as we seek absolute control and perfection from everyone and everything around us! Do you ever tend to place unrealistic expectations on yourself, your family or life in general? Do you allow yourself to accept the unrealistic expectations of others to affect how you live your life? When our expectations are not met exactly as we want, we experience feelings of intense frustration. It...

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For many years I have been part of a group of Lightworkers who “meet” etherically [by this I mean we link up distantly – we are not actually physically sitting together] to meditate. We connect around the times of the Full and New Moon every month. Our meditations are ‘synchronised’ or ’linked’ – so we come together, united in our wish to generate thoughts of peace, love and light. I am part of just one small group but we know that there are many thousands of people from all walks of life across the globe meditating at these key times....

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HUMOUR a powerful [but often underrated] spiritual tool

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  Humour is a valuable and much under-estimated tool to help overcome negativity and dissolve obstacles.   When we allow ourselves to see the humour within a difficult situation it ceases to have such a powerful hold over us.  Humour helps us cope better with challenging situations.  Also, when we ‘lighten up’ and see the funny side of a problem, we get a new perspective.   Humour does not mean we are not taking life seriously.  And it does not mean being disrespectful.  Also it most certainly does not mean laughing at others...

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