Stephanie is a truly inspirational teacher.   I qualified as a crystal healer with the ICCH and found the experience life-changing.   I not only learnt about crystals, I learnt about myself and others and the training gave me insight and tools to develop on my spiritual path.    She inspired me to trust my own guidance and intuition.   I then went on to participate in the Sacred Journey course that Stephanie created.    One of the things that marks Stephanie out as a great spiritual teacher, in my opinion, is that she really walks the talk.  She doesn’t set herself up for a fall and is open about her own shortcomings and the lessons she herself needs to learn.   I have always found her to be an honest and loving source of wisdom.   And, as icing on the cake, she has a great sense of humour!   Something that all spiritual teachers need in spades….

                               Caroline, Director of Learning & Development [Surrey]

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I have known Stephanie since the early 90s through training at ICCH as a crystal healer and then taking part on the Sacred Journey. The fact that she is part of and doesn’t separate herself out from her participants attracts people like myself, who are out there in the world doing the best they can to support others. Her readings are very clean energetically and extraordinarily accurate and a vital part of my support system wherever I find myself in the world.

                                   Chloe, Trainer, Therapist, Artist & Author [France]

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Attending ICCH changed my life direction and opened so many new doors.  Thank you, Stephanie, from bottom of my heart.

                                Shigemi, Crystal Healer/Healing Jewellery Designer, Japan


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In my experience Stephanie always created an energetically safe and clean teaching space for me to be in during my crystal healing training. I felt that being in such an environment was instrumental in allowing me to access deep insights and healings.   In my opinion Stephanie is, to list some of her attributes, a very gifted astrologer, healer, writer and facilitator. I have always found her to be a woman of integrity, humility and professional in her approach.  Her teaching style has been an inspirational role model in my work as a trainer and her teachings have played a significant role in my spiritual development for which i am very grateful. 

                             Caz, Trainer & Therapist,  [Surrey]

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I have been blessed to work and play with this lady’s empowering teachings for more than twenty five years. I am delighted for the opportunity to finally access the fresh flowerings of her life’s work in this new medium… This is undoubtedly a wonderful resource for us all, with gateways and reference points for navigating all aspects of life, from the mundane to mysterious. Authentic, practical, soulful soul-food. Thank you always Stephanie, timely & beautiful work.

Kat, Writer, Artist, Astrologer, Healer, Lightworker [Italy]