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SOUL RADIANCE - The sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle - Life Guidance and Inspiration

SOUL RADIANCE – The sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle


This sixth and final stage in the Soul Evolution cycle is the culminating phase – a time of fruition, and possibly even enlightenment.


At this stage of your Soul Journey NO ACTION IS REQUIRED , simply LET YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL RADIANCE SHINE OUT – naturally and effortlessly.


Go with the spiritual flow of life.


At this point in our Soul Journey we start to acknowledge what an amazing and precious gift this life is. We begin to recognise the perfection in everything that surrounds us. This recognition allows the light-filled essence of our true nature to naturally flow and shine out to the world.


You may have been consciously developing your gifts and skills for many years [or even lifetimes] and during the Soul Radiance phase you find that this is the time for all that wisdom and inspiration to blend together and be brought to good use. Or you may be new to the idea of walking a spiritual path and now is the time to recognise something you have always known deep within your being but perhaps have never dared to admit.


The Soul Radiance phase offers the possibility of significant spiritual transformation as your way forward on your spiritual path to becomes much clearer. Amazing opportunities manifest in order that you can now to play your role in a much larger cosmic plan.


If you feel you are passing through this stage of Soul Evolution, I urge you to make the most of this wonderful chance to radiate light into the world and raise the vibration for the good of all life forms.Whatever challenges or difficulties you may face, your first priority now is to serve the highest good of all beings whilst always being as wise, compassionate and all-encompassing as possible. {NB: However, please take great care to guard against becoming superior or thinking you are better than others!} Aim to live your everyday life in accordance with spiritual values and only that which gives higher meaning to your life. When dealing with others, resonate only with their spiritual aspect and see beyond their earthly foibles and failings. Rise above petty irritations and desires. Adopt a selfless and altruistic attitude in all your endeavours. Find ways of serving the best interests of all. Although this may mean putting some of your personal wishes and desires on hold it does NOT mean sacrificing your own well-being or needs.


Soul Radiance is actually our natural state. When we clear the illusions that obscure our inner light, our radiance is revealed.   It is something that is always there, just waiting to shine out.


Once we have started to glimpse the truth of this, our way forward becomes much clearer. We then decide to actively seek ways of clearing anything that veils, distorts or obscures our soul radiance. We can best to tackle this challenge [and it IS a challenge!] in several different ways:

  • Regular meditation, reflection and contemplation as well as conscious effort.
  • Spend some time each day observing our thoughts and emotions [rather than being caught up within them]. Meditation is one way of doing this.
  • Keep a journal or some form of record to chart the soul journey.
  • Find points of focus to help give clarity and guidance; these can nudge us back on track when we lose track of our path or our inner vision is distorted. This can come in the form of teachings, spiritual study or simply choosing a keyword or focus for each day.
  • Try to spend time in nature or peaceful surroundings. Ensure your diet is as pure as possible. Also get plenty of rest.


The moment we fully recognise and acknowledge our Soul Radiance is revelatory. We realise that every moment in our lives on earth can be a moment of illumination and enlightenment. We understand that we do not have to ‘do anything’; we simply allow our natural light-filled being to shine out.


The Soul Radiance phase gives an opportunity for such a revelation to occur. And once we have even the smallest glimpse of this Universal Truth our path becomes more light-filled and guided. Our Soul Purpose starts to be revealed.





© Stephanie Harrison




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