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SOUL GATEWAY - The third stage of the Soul Evolution Cycle - Life Guidance and Inspiration

SOUL GATEWAY – The third stage of the Soul Evolution Cycle

Having passed through a phase of soul awakening and having learned to cope with the soul sensitivity brought about by an increase in awareness and spiritual abilities, we are usually faced with an important cosmic choice.

It can feel like we are at a major turning point or crossroads. Some will sense that this is a critical point in their soul journey; it might even be described as a type of “soul breakthrough”, which is why I use the term “cosmic choice”. Each soul has to make its own decision as to whether or not to take the next step on their soul path. The will of the higher cannot override the will of the lower.

The choice we face at this point in the evolution of the soul is whether or not we are willing to commit to taking the next step in our soul journey. Are we willing to integrate our newly developed spiritual skills and gifts into daily life for the benefit of others?

Challenges that occur during this phase are often linked to a deepening soul awareness. It can seem we are being cosmically tested to ensure we can walk the sacred path responsibly, with wisdom and compassion – and it is worth bearing this in mind when feeling challenged or under pressure!

For the experienced spiritual practitioner, this phase often accompanies an opportunity to deepen one’s commitment to integrating the spiritual and physical worlds. It is a reminder that spiritual service always needs to be of earthly use. For some, this may be the time when you find yourself having to be more open about your spiritual values – and possibly even “go public”!

As said, above, during the Soul Gateway phase, it is very possible that life challenges will arise. These are presented as opportunities to practice consciously choosing a loving and appropriate response. Although at times this may not be easy! Aim to find outcomes where everybody benefits. Always let your actions be helpful to others or, at the very least, harmless. Find ways to respond positively and lovingly.

During this phase, when making important decisions, use your intuitive skills and spiritual awareness but also try to gather as many facts as possible. Aim to make informed and carefully considered choices. Make sure you have plenty of time to reflect and avoid hasty and thoughtless decisions. Make sure to schedule in some meditation time each morning.

Once the soul awakening process has taken place within us, the change is permanent [at a deep soul level] – but we always have a choice as to whether we move forward on the sacred path or simply stay where we are. And if we choose not to move forward, despite our heightened soul awareness, we will invariably start to fall back into old patterns. The Soul Gateway phase presents a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth but it is essential to guard against lethargy and apathy.

If you feel you are passing through a Soul Gateway phase, then now is the time to decide what you will do with your new levels of spiritual awareness. Are you willing to commit to living a more spiritual life and to integrating your new heightened awareness into every aspect of your daily life? Are you ready to walk through the Soul Gateway and from this point on place more emphasis on the spiritual part of your being?

Wishing you light and blessings wherever you are on your Sacred Journey of the Soul.


[The Soul Gateway phase is the 3rd in a series of six stages within the Soul Evolution cycle, which we explore in depth during a six week online training course entitled: The Sacred Journey of the Soul – to find out more about this course, please see ”courses” on the website]

© Stephanie Harrison


  1. Your E-Course is so innovative and rewarding. I’m loving it! ⭐️

    • Thank you Gina for your kind words. I am delighted you are taking this Journey.
      Love & blessings,
      Stephanie xx

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience and creating an amazing app for allowing those of us who are open, actively, & consciously listening, to learn. I love it. If I weren’t broke I would most definitely attend any seminar or classes you’ve made available. Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Melanie, Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Please do keep a look out for the next time I run my “Sacred Journey of the Soul” online course – this is a 6 week course and I offer it on a “pay what you wish” donation basis so you are free to attend for the absolute minimum payment of just a few pence/cents if you want. [NB: If you receive my monthly newsletter you will hear when I next run the course and also receive other offers, free links etc.] Thank you again for your comments, I am so pleased you are finding the app helpful, if you have any suggestions for improvements or ideas on how I can make it more user friendly, please do tell me. Sending you very best wishes for your Sacred Journey, love & blessings, Stephanie xxx

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