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SOUL AWAKENING – a powerful phase in our Soul Evolution - Life Guidance and Inspiration

SOUL AWAKENING – a powerful phase in our Soul Evolution

“Soul Awakening” is the term I use to describe the first of the six stages of Soul Evolution – it is a phase of powerful and significant spiritual change. It is at that point in life when you receive a “wake up call” from your higher self or soul and you are being asked to allow a more spiritual dimension to enter your life. It seems many people are currently receiving such “wake up calls” so I thought I’d share a few thoughts about this phase in our soul evolution with you.

Although Soul Awakening is the first stage in the soul evolution cycle – even very experienced spiritual practitioners have to pass through this phase each and every time they begin to access new and more profound levels of consciousness or start a new phase of soul growth.

The soul evolution cycle is constantly repeating and is like a myriad of spirals [rather than circles]. Also the soul evolution cycles repeat within themselves. There are spirals within spirals! So rather confusingly, you can be at a “Soul Awakening” phase at one level and at another level you may be at the Soul Gateway stage. And you may spend your whole incarnation principally focussing on just one soul evolution phase, although during that lifetime, you will continuously be passing through the other stages at other levels. I said it was confusing!!

There are various “symptoms” or “signs” of Soul Awakening, I wonder if you have experienced any of these of late? They can include feeling under immense pressure [in the same way that intense pressure and heat is needed to form a diamond in the depths of the earth – our Soul goes through a similar process when awakening to a new level of consciousness]. Sometimes we could think of having a cosmic soul seed at the core of our beings – and in order for the seed to cosmically “germinate” and the seed shell to open, certain conditions have to prevail [these “conditions” can take the form of various life challenges which seem to create the right degree of cosmic fuel to help bring about a spiritual metamorphosis].

For our light to shine out, we sometimes need “help” to open the portals of our soul; and that “help” can occur in the form of a series of life events, which might seem challenging in the extreme – they can literally feel heart breaking as the cosmic shell is opened.

But Soul Awakening is not necessarily a painful or difficult process. Think of it as the Universe trying to get our attention and once we acknowledge these “wake up calls” or “prompts”, it can be a profoundly meaningful and even joyful time [although not necessarily easy and comfortable]. It is a process that becomes easier over time. Once we have consciously passed through the Soul Awakening phase several times in one lifetime, we begin to recognise the patterns and know how to manage it – and pass through it more rapidly, with greater ease. Look back over your own spiritual journey that has brought you to this point and see if you can resonate with this pattern in any way and recognise the various points in your life when you were passing through this Soul Awakening phase.

Usually the most helpful way to manage this phase is to accept that you are being offered access to a new level of consciousness and then become willingly open to it. How to do this effectively? I recommend regular daily meditation + perhaps some form of spiritual study + extra efforts to keep yourself grounded and support your physical being.

Once we can acknowledge that what is happening in our life is actually occurring in order to serve our higher self, then interestingly the life challenges often seem to diminish because they have served their purpose – they have got our attention!

Finally, if you feel you are passing through a Soul Awakening phase in your life, please know that this is an immensely powerful, positive and important time in your life – I wish you many blessings of light as you take this next precious step on your sacred journey.

NB: One of the courses I run: “Sacred Journey of the Soul” includes an in depth exploration of the Six Stages of Soul Evolution from Soul Awakening to Soul Radiance.

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