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SOUL ACCELERATION - Part of the Soul Evolution Cycle - Life Guidance and Inspiration

SOUL ACCELERATION – Part of the Soul Evolution Cycle



Soul Acceleration is the 5th stage of the Soul Evolution cycle and is a time when huge shifts in consciousness are not only very possible but can come easily and with relatively little effort!


This phase offers incredible spiritual opportunities for soul growth. It could almost be likened to receiving the spiritual equivalent of a fast track pass!


If you feel you are in this phase, I would urge you to make the most of this wonderful spiritual opportunity. Even the smallest amount of effort and commitment will be greatly rewarded. When you undertake some spiritual study or meditate, even for a short while, you will be able to focus with greater clarity and gain far more insight and wisdom than you would normally expect.


Although this is a very positive time at a spiritual level – it may not always feel like it! Wherever possible try to view any current difficulties in a positive light because these are likely to be “blessings in disguise”. You may look back and realise they were actually gifts that helped you progress on your soul path.


It is often by overcoming difficulties that we find our strengths – challenges serve as a way to develop our “spiritual muscles”! You could also view these seeming challenges in a similar way to compost or manure that we might place around a plant or tree – ultimately enriching but perhaps not the most pleasant thing to handle! So look out for those situations which are acting as ”fertiliser” and embrace them with good humour, compassion and wisdom!


Whether seeking inspiration or looking for solutions, make the most of your heightened awareness during this phase; you could very easily get flashes of inspiration or even come up with some ground-breaking new ideas. Look for unusually creative solutions to problems. Be flexible, keep an open mind and watch out for seeming coincidences or feelings of deja vu! These may be signs helping you along the way.


Life might feel hugely exciting right now but also chaotic and slightly out of control. Your thoughts could be racing and your mind buzzing with great ideas. If you are very aware of subtle energies, you may even have a sense of life seeming to speed up.


Try to use your energy discerningly, even if you feel very energetic. You could have lots of ideas and enthusiasm at the moment but could also spread yourself too thin and end up exhausted. Guard against burnout or excessive busyness. Choose carefully what you do; aim for effortless effort. Remember, if something is right for you and your soul path at this time, it will flow easily.


Also make sure you don’t overwhelm others with your high levels of energy and heightened awareness. You may not be fully aware of the powerful effect you have on those around you!


It is important that you take time to acclimatise to this faster frequency of energy. So please look after yourself. Eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest. Keep yourself in a clear, clean and calm environment with supportive light-filled people around you. Find positive and safe ways to release some of that excess energy. I recommend you try to get outside in nature. Gardening is fantastic – as is walking in the woods or by the sea. Find activities that ground you and reconnect you to the earth and help you still your mind. Ensure you allow sufficient time and space for your soul to flourish and evolve.


Remember: your physical being is the holder for your spiritual energy – it needs to be in good shape for you to be of earthly service to the light.


Wishing you many blessings on your Sacred Path,


With love and light,






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