Are you yearning for more spiritual meaning in your life?

Does it feel like something is missing within you?

Have you lost your sense of spiritual direction
and need to get back on track?

Are you ready to explore your Sacred Journey of the Soul
and start fulfilling your Life Purpose?

I would love you to join me on this six week online course which will support and inspire you as you re-connect to that which is sacred to you. Each week we will explore one of the Six Stages of Soul Evolution following the Sacred Journey from Soul Awakening to Soul Radiance.

We all know how beneficial and important it to take time out to reflect and meditate but it is challenging to work alone, life gets in the way.

And, as we spend less and less time nurturing our spiritual selves, we find we stop trusting our intuition – we lose the ability to listen to our souls. We can find ourselves becoming overwhelmed and directionless – we sometimes feel alone and unsupported. And it can be hard to find the discipline, energy and time to maintain a consistent spiritual practice.

Learn how to create a spiritual practice
which is both meaningful to you
and sustainable in everyday life

Acquire the skills, tools and knowledge
to help you navigate your Soul Path
with confidence and ease


Just imagine how you would feel to receive gentle guidance and support every day to help you develop a more profound and structured spiritual practice.

Picture yourself living your life in accordance with your Soul Purpose, creating a more meaningful life with a greater sense of peace and contentment.

The Sacred Journey of the Soul is a six week online course that gently guides you through the Six Stages of Soul Evolution from Soul Awakening to Soul Radiance.

At the beginning of each week you will receive:

an email outlining the soul evolution theme we are exploring for the week  
a link to a recorded guided meditation  
optional exercises and study material to help deepen your learning  

In addition, as a bonus, each day you will receive a short inspirational email containing optional further study such as:

additional support and guidance to help keep you motivated and maintain your spiritual alignment  
contemplation and cultivation of spiritual qualities that support us on the Soul Path  
information about how to overcome some of the major life challenges that are often encountered as we evolve spiritually  

Also, you will be part of a spiritual community of like-minded souls who are similarly exploring their Soul Path. And if you wish to, you can connect with them via a private online forum.

Reconnect to your spiritual side
Reconnecting me to my spiritual side has been wonderful, and I have felt supported at all times. I’ve loved every minute of the course…. it has been immensely helpful in so many ways, on many different levels.
Wenda H.

Not sure that you have enough time to follow this course?

I understand that for many of us time and energy is scarce; which is why I have designed this course specifically with busy people in mind. You can follow this course in less than 10 minutes per day plus one 30 minute block per week!

All the optional exercises, reading material and project work given throughout the course are yours to download and keep - ready for you to refer to whenever you can devote more time to your spiritual studies, whether that is during the six weeks of the course or at a much later date.

How much does it cost?

My aim is to make this course available to everyone. Therefore the course fee is a "pay what you choose donation" based on what you can comfortably afford and you feel the course is worth to you. As a guide: participants on average pay in the region of £35 - £75. Whatever you choose to pay, you will receive the full 6 weeks course and all the resources and recordings which are yours to keep, so you can refer back to them whenever you wish as often as you wish. [NB: Some participants prefer to make an initial donation and then upon completion of the course make a further donation once they can fully evaluate the true worth of the course to them.]

How do I book?

Simply click on the “buy now” button below and get ready to start your Sacred Journey of the Soul.

Simple to follow but powerful
The coursework is clear and quite easy to fit into even a very busy schedule. The meditations are simple to follow but powerful to work with. The course is suitable for people experienced in spiritual work as well as those just starting out on their spiritual explorations.
Julie B.


Six weeks of illumination
This has been six weeks of illumination for me. With expert advice through daily reminders, prompts and optional extra studies I was taken up a notch each week, I now feel better equipped to serve others (which was my initial aim).
Gilly L.

How does this course work exactly?

The aim of this course is to offer a spiritual support system and training which is completely flexible and need only take a few moments of your time each day.

Also I am there following the course with you, doing the meditations and exercises each day. This strengthens and supports the group energy.

Course members can choose to spend as much or as little time as they wish participating in the course. The course notes and recordings are yours to keep, so you can refer back to these whenever you wish at any time in the future.

All the course materials are delivered online via email direct to your inbox and you can participate in the comfort of your own home, choosing exactly when you work on the course and how much time you dedicate to it. The course runs for 6 weeks and at the end of the course [for those who want to take their studies to a more advanced level] further study guidelines and options will be offered.

There are no complicated technical requirements, providing you can open an email and click on a link. Also I have a wonderful assistant called Emma who is on hand to give any technical support we might need.

At the beginning of each new week I will send you an email outlining the theme of the week, with practical tips and exercises. Included in the email will be a link to a guided visualisation or meditation which you can listen to at a time to suit you. In addition, there will be a link to extra optional reading [for those who would like more in depth study of the subjects we are covering]. Then for the rest of the week, each day you will receive a shorter email which aims to inspire, support and guide you. Sometimes there will be suggestions for a spiritual focus for the day, other times we will explore a particular spiritual strategy or life challenge.

Want to know more?

If you have some further questions about the course, please email me at:

Re-ignite your inner light
This course has re-ignited my inner light and I have happily recommended it to my friends and family! Stephanie works with great purity of purpose and is able to support the spiritual growth of individuals from a distance, at whatever point they happen to be on their journey.
Julie M.


The Sacred Journey of the Soul has been exceptional
The Sacred Journey of the Soul has been exceptional in enabling me to take yet another step along my soul path …… this course has enabled me to restore a level of discipline to my spiritual routine that I feel I can now maintain and build upon.
Julie R.

How do you know if this course is right for you?

Please ask yourself the following questions:

Would you like to live life more in accordance with your
Soul Purpose and greater spiritual focus?
Do you wish to develop a more profound and structured
spiritual practice?
Are you looking for ways of creating a more meaningful life with a greater sense of peace and contentment?
Would you enjoy receiving daily doses of guidance and inspiration to support you on your journey of personal growth?
Are you interested in learning more about soul evolution and would like to discover techniques to help you strengthen and protect your subtle energy field?
Are you ready to discover how you can bring more light into this earth plane and live with a higher consciousness?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then please join me on the next Sacred Journey of the Soul and start fulfilling your Life Purpose.

To join simply click on the “buy now” button below

As said above, the fee is a "pay what you choose donation" – this includes all the resources and recordings which are yours to keep. {If you are unsure if this course is for you, I suggest you make a modest donation initially and make a further donation once you can evaluate its true worth.}

I loved the course, it has enhanced my life.
I will happily recommend this course to others because it is very flexible and accessible, so will suit a wide range of people. And you don’t have to be spiritual to get benefits from this course. I loved the course, it is effective and has enhanced my life.
Ebrina V.


I recommend it whether you are a newcomer or an old hand.
It doesn’t matter how many times we have been through this process, there will be times when a Soul Journey happens again. I can't think of anyone I trust more than Stephanie to lead this and provide a safe environment. I can only highly recommend it whether you are a newcomer or an old hand.
Chloe A.

I would love it if you decide to join me for this Sacred Journey of the Soul course. My enduring passion has always been to help people fulfil their spiritual potential and navigate their sacred path with clarity, purpose and joy. I first started facilitating personal growth and spiritual development courses in the early 1980’s, specialising in training courses for subtle energy healers; in particular crystal therapists and spiritual healers. I worked for a number of different healing organisations, then in 1990 I founded The International College of Crystal Healing. There are now ICCH graduates all over the world working as crystal therapists and running their own crystal therapy schools. I have also been fortunate enough to have a number of books published, including The Crystal Wisdom Kit, which has been published in 17 countries in 11 different languages. Most recently I have developed the Life Guidance & Inspiration App with the hope and intention that this will serve as a spiritual tool to help people live more consciously and joyfully.

I believe passionately that we are all here to fulfil our Soul Purpose and let our inner light radiate out – this in turn raises the consciousness of our planet. And as we do this, not only do we serve a higher purpose but also our lives become more meaningful and joyful. If you feel this course is calling you, please join me …..

Simply click on the “buy now” button below

Simply pay what you feel is right for you.

I would love it if you decide to join me on the course.
Wishing you love, light and joy as you follow your Sacred Path,

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