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HUMOUR a powerful [but often underrated] spiritual tool - Life Guidance and Inspiration

HUMOUR a powerful [but often underrated] spiritual tool


Humour is a valuable and much under-estimated tool to help overcome negativity and dissolve obstacles.


When we allow ourselves to see the humour within a difficult situation it ceases to have such a powerful hold over us.  Humour helps us cope better with challenging situations.  Also, when we ‘lighten up’ and see the funny side of a problem, we get a new perspective.


Humour does not mean we are not taking life seriously.  And it does not mean being disrespectful.  Also it most certainly does not mean laughing at others or ridiculing them in any way.


Sometimes we just need to decide lighten up and not take life [or ourselves] quite so seriously; to retrieve our sense of humour and see the funny side of things.


Laughter really can be the best medicine sometimes. We often forget the feel good factor that comes when we laugh. Remember a jolly good belly laugh causes you to release feel-good endorphins which can be both healing and stress relieving.  Sometimes a good laugh is as helpful as a good cry. And much more enjoyable!


Remember to make time to try to take part in activities which you find enjoyable and fun. Whether it is seeing a funny film or going out with a group of friends who make you laugh.


Humour is a grossly underrated spiritual tool. Laughter literally transmutes negativity and dissolves obstacles. It is a far more powerful strategy than most people realise.  It is an excellent way of releasing fear and tension. Laughter is also an excellent way of releasing old patterns, and dissolving blocks.   Some people feel better when they have had a very good cry; and it is true that is an effective technique. But actually to go out and have a really good giggle can be just as powerful and effective.  And it is a lot more fun!


Many spiritual Masters and Teachers are very jolly and full of mirth, particularly the Buddhist teachers. There is very little they seem to take seriously. These humorous happy people are great role models.


Interestingly, when we lighten our mood with good humour, we unconsciously cleanse the atmosphere around us.   We raise the vibration.


Whether it is in work situations, personal relationships or family life; if you are happy and joyful you will naturally create a positive vibration around you.  Others will find you more attractive and be more well-disposed towards you.  You will be amazed how this simple strategy can transform your life!





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