Q: What do I do if I don’t understand the cards I get or the reading seems “wrong”?

Q: How and why does this app work so well and give such accurate readings?

Q: Do you have any tips for getting the best possible readings?

Q: How can I use this app as an aid for my spiritual development?

Q: What is the significance of the symbols and sounds used in the app?


















What do I do if I don’t understand the cards I get or the reading seems “wrong”?   BACK TO FAQs

Firstly ask yourself:

• Were you using the app with focus and sincerity? Make sure you were asking a question that really mattered to you. And did you really want your question answered?

• Were you asking a question in a casual way, regarding something quite frivolous?, If yes, then it is likely that your answer will be equally casual and light-weight! Asking questions out of curiosity, “just for fun” is likely to give you less accurate results [though not always – be warned!].

• Did you mentally prepare before the reading? Did you take some time to quieten the mind and ask that you only receive the reading which is for your highest good?

If you answer “no” to any of the above, I suggest you delete the reading you have just done and start gain, following the above points.

However, if you feel you did all of the above and your reading does not ring true nor seem right, I suggest the following:

1. Make some notes about the reading and see what transpires in the next 24 hours – occasionally the cards will indicate subtle energy trends that are about to come into play in your life – so the readings can act as an alert or early warning system

2. If you need an answer right now – go to the life direction reading and ask for the best approach and strategy to deal with the current situation – you may well end up with the same inspiration card – in which case do your utmost to follow the guidance [especially make sure you read the full in-depth section].

3. You can repeat the question but I recommend you change the wording slightly – remember: the clearer your question the clearer the answer.

4. Take some quiet time to truly reflect on the cards you have attracted. This is especially important when drawing something that feels uncomfortable or when you have a strong reaction that it cannot possibly be correct. For example: “anger” is often not apparent, sometimes the quietest and calm people have a raging sea of resentment seething deep beneath the surface. Sometimes it is so deep that even they are not aware it is there and certainly they don’t want to acknowledge it! Pride is another good example of a card which is uncomfortable for some of us to draw – to find that it is our pride and ego that is the real stumbling block and root cause of an issue is not always an easy thing to hear.

5. If you really don’t understand why you have drawn a card, and especially if it has occurred several times over a short period, you can actually do a reading about the card itself. For example, if you keep drawing the card: “destructive habits” and it doesn’t seem to make sense, write your own question in a Life Wisdom Reading asking something like “What is the root cause of my problem with the issues described in the card of ‘destructive habits’?” – You may then draw a card such as ‘perfectionism’ or ‘attachment’ which will give you a flavour or hint about the nature of the ‘destructive habits’ card.

6. Occasionally the in depth readings can seem to present you with too much information. You may feel overwhelmed. When this happens, skim through the words, picking out the phrases that resonate or seem especially relevant. Make a note of the card you chose and review your reading a few days later. Sometimes a second or third reading will clarify the issues. And often, we will pick up on something the second time we read the interpretation that we completely missed the first time we read it!

I also recommend you look back over your readings from time to time. Often with hindsight we can see they were in fact very accurate. You will see patterns emerging and as you become more familiar with the app you will find it becomes and an even more pertinent and powerful tool to help give you guidance and inspiration.





How and why does this app work so well and give such accurate readings?   BACK TO FAQs

The simple answer to why this app works is: YOU!!

We all have an intuitive sense of what is right for us. Some would call this an “inner wisdom”. We might think of this wisdom as coming from our Higher Self or Soul. Or even from a Higher Being or a Celestial source of inspiration. The challenge is finding ways of accessing this wisdom [which is locked within us all] and then listening to the answers. Then we need to find out how apply this guidance in useful and practical ways in our daily lives.

The Life Guidance & Inspiration app acts as a physical link between your intuitive higher self and your conscious mind. It helps you tap into your own natural intuitive abilities. The app guides you and gives you focus. But it is inner wisdom that is giving you the guidance and inspiration you need.

There are three key factors to accessing your inner wisdom:

1. ASK FOR GUIDANCE, which means asking the right question – a question you really want answered – when we sincerely ask for help, the universe will answer that call

2. LISTEN TO THE GUIDANCE – this means being receptive to the messages you receive from the cards. Allow yourself to have a sense of when something “feels right”. And also be open to seeing how synchronicity starts to show up in your life – giving you guidance and inspiration. The more you open up to receiving guidance, the more guidance you will receive. Try it and see for yourself.

3. BE OPEN-MINDED – be prepared to interpret the words in the cards to best fit your questions and personal circumstances but also be prepared to explore the messages more deeply, even if they initially the answers do not seem to be “right”. Sometimes, with hindsight we can see the message more clearly.

NB: To gain maximum benefit from your app, follow the suggestions given in the “HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR APP” section.






Q:  Do you have any tips for getting the best possible readings?   BACK TO FAQs


There are two critical factors to getting good and accurate readings from your app:

1.      asking the right questions in the right way

2.      choosing the best reading type.


Please read the following guidelines and suggestions.

Also, to access a more profound level of spiritual wisdom, I strongly recommend you follow the guidelines given in the “How to prepare for a reading” section below.



You will get the best results when you ask a question that really matters to you.  Word your question clearly and as specifically as you can.

If you are not quite sure what you want to ask or how to word it, suggested questions are given for both types of readings.  All you need do is tap on the question that fits best.

Also each type of reading gives you the option to write your own questions:

•        In the Life Wisdom Reading the question starts off with: “What is the root cause of my problem with  ……..? “  and then you add your own words.  For example, if you are experiencing problems with an individual such as a work colleague or your partner, you may like to ask: “What is the root cause of my problem with [and insert the name of the person]?”  Or you may like ask a more general question such as: “What is the root cause of my problem with my current financial situation?” or “What is the root cause of my problems with my love life?”  You can be as general or as specific as you like.

•        In the Life Direction Reading the question starts off with “How can I best deal with ………? “.  For example, if you want to know the best approach to take to deal with a current relationship problem, you might ask: “How can I best deal with my relationship issues?  Or you may like to find the best strategy to deal with an upcoming situation such as a job interview or family event.  You could ask: “How can I best deal with the job interview I have later today?”  You can ask for guidance on any aspect of your life.


Remember, you can ask as many different questions as you like.  Often it is best to ask several very specific questions in order to get specific answers and guidance.

Also read on to the next section to make sure you choose the optimum reading type to best suit the guidance you are seeking.

[NOTE:  A record of all the questions you ask is kept in your journal whether they are pre-selected or you have written your own. If you wish to be generous and allow a friend to use your app – I suggest you get them to use the “write your own question“ option and include their name – so when looking back over your journal, you will know that this was not one of your readings. ]


IMPORTANT: Focus on your question throughout the whole process of shuffling and choosing the card – this helps your reading to be even more accurate. [Read the “Preparing for a Reading section below for more on this topic.]



For best results try to choose the reading type and question that most suits your needs. Remember, you can have as many readings as you like, so it might be more useful to have several readings, each one dealing with a different aspect or problem.

There are two types of readings to choose from.

•        The “Life Wisdom Reading” helps you discover what core issue is blocking your progress in life or holding you back in some way. And then explores the best strategies to deal with the issue.


•        The “Life Direction Reading” gives an instant infusion of guidance, support and inspiration.  It suggests the optimum spiritual tool to employ for any situation.


The Life Wisdom reading:


This reading is ideal if you are feeling stuck, frustrated or uncertain about how to best proceed but don’t really understand what is causing the problem.   It gives insight into the nature of the problem and then guides you as to the best way to find a resolution.  Sometimes we are not aware that certain attitudes and emotions block our happiness and stop us being in the flow of life. Without realising what is happening, we get distracted and diverted from living our lives with joy, fulfilment and a sense of purpose.


For a Life Wisdom reading you choose two cards. First you select a Challenge Card that identifies the core issue or challenge and describes the negative impact this is having[for example: perfectionism, self-doubt or jealousy].  Then you select an Inspiration Card that suggests the best strategy or spiritual tool to overcome the current challenge and how to apply this in daily life [for examples: trust, patience, authenticity].


The Life Direction Reading:

This reading is for those times when you feel your life is in crisis or you are facing major challenges.  You are fully aware of the cause of the problems and what you need is immediate support and spiritual guidance as to how best to cope.

This reading is also ideal for when your life is already going well and you want to find out how to make it even better!  Discover the optimum strategies that will give you great focus and enhance your life.

With the Life Direction Reading, you choose just one Inspiration card. This will suggest the best strategies and approach to adopt to help you deal with whatever situation you find yourself in [for example: generosity, accountability, forgiveness].

I also like to use the Life Direction Reading to give me a positive focal point for my day.





I recommend that wherever possible you carry out your readings in a calm and peaceful space. When you are relaxed and in a quiet and calm state of mind, you can sense and ‘hear’ your intuition more easily [in the same way as it is easier to hear quietly spoken words in a silent room, rather than against the backdrop of noisy music and loud voices].

You may not be able to take yourself off to a temple to meditate but do try to be calm and still.  You might like to imagine yourself sitting in a small bubble of light or in a secluded and peaceful garden.

Your reading will be far more insightful and inspiring if you can follow the suggestions given below:


•        Before commencing the reading, take a few moments to relax your body and calm your mind.  You can do this by sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing – ideally in a peaceful and distraction-free space.  Breathe in deeply and slowly, notice how it feels as the breath enters and leaves your body.  Each time you breathe out, have a sense of releasing tension and stress.


•        Ensure you are sitting comfortably but ideally with the spine upright. Have a sense of being connected to the earth [perhaps take note of where your feet are touching the ground and where your body is connected to the chair]. This will help keep you grounded and focused.


•        Each time, before commencing a reading, ask to receive only the guidance and inspiration that best serves your highest good at this time.  You can do this by simply holding that thought in your mind. : Or, if you prefer, you can say out loud “I ask that I only receive the guidance and inspiration that will best serve my highest good at this time.”  Or choose words that suit you to convey this thought and intention.


•        Focus clearly on your question and hold it in mind at all times when shuffling and choosing a card. Your intuition is giving you guidance from your Higher Self – your reading will be far more accurate and specific if you can clearly focus on your question, especially when choosing a card.


•        At the end of reading note down your impressions and thoughts.  If you have the premium version of the app you can make notes in the journal within your app.  This helps complete the reading process grounds your energies.


•        I also recommend that after any process using your intuition you stand up, take some time to stretch, and perhaps drink some water.



Of all the above steps, the most important is to ask for help and guidance.  By sending out a sincere and heartfelt wish for guidance, your higher self creates a filter which makes your readings more profound and specific to you. Also you will naturally become more open and receptive and more likely to get meaningful readings.







How can I use this app as an aid for my spiritual development?    BACK TO FAQs

If you choose to, the app can be used as a powerful spiritual development tool.  You can ask pertinent and profound spiritual questions, if you wish.   But for any tool to work at a spiritual level, it does require you to reflect deeply on, and then integrate, the insights you receive.


There are two ways in which I use the app as a spiritual development tool and I have described these below.  I also recommend you experiment find out ways that work well for you.


Keeping a Spiritual Journal:

I find a spiritual journal to be an invaluable spiritual development tool. I recommend you keep a record of your readings and also your impressions and thoughts.  Note down keywords or phrases that seem to jump out at you.  Keep a record of your feelings and reactions to the interpretations; especially if these reactions are strongly resistant.  You may have a sense of illumination or recognition when an issue is clarified for you – again note this down.


Keeping a journal of your readings is also a helpful way for you to recognise repeating patterns in your life. When certain challenges or strategies recur frequently it is rarely a coincidence.  It is more likely that these are key issues which need to be addressed.


Also a journal will help you develop your ability to decipher and interpret your intuitive messages – some days you may get a card that doesn’t seem to make sense, then when you review it a few days later, with the benefit of hindsight, all becomes clear! When that card recurs, you will recognise and remember its message and significance for you.  Keeping a spiritual journal can significantly strengthen your intuition.


If you have chosen to upgrade to the premium version of the app, then the journal feature is in-built for you.  You will have a date & time record of all your readings, as well as the questions you asked and the cards you chose.  All you need to is add your own notes.  And you can go back to previous readings and add further notes as more insights come to you. And at a practical level, you can go back and check the accuracy of your readings.


When designing this app, one of the features that I felt was very important was the facility to keep notes about the readings in order that this app can serve as a spiritual diary or journal – a key tool for spiritual development.   The act of writing down our thoughts takes spiritual insights from the more nebulous and ethereal realm of our intuition into a deeply grounded level where the insights can be integrated into our daily lives.  It is extraordinary how a crystal clear insight can seem to evaporate within a few hours unless it is recorded and grounded in some way.  Also the act of having to find words to describe our thoughts and feelings ensures that the wisdom given then gains a substance and clarity which we can then go on use for the highest good for ourselves and others.


Use your app as a focus for your meditation practice:

If you regularly meditate, it can sometimes be helpful to have a point of focus for reflection.  Sometimes, when I meditate I like to ask what “obstacle” I need to reflect on during my meditation – I would probably use the Life Wisdom Reading and ask “What obstacle do I need to overcome in order to progress along my Spiritual Path?”  I then make a note of the card I draw and meditate on it.  I may also go on to draw an Inspiration Card to find out what is the optimum antidote for me to use to dissolve or lessen the hold of that particular obstacle.


For example, I might draw “attachment” as my obstacle to ‘work’ with during my meditation and I would reflect on this during my meditation practice.  Then the Inspiration card I draw as the best ‘antidote’ to loosen the grip “attachment” has on my life might be “generosity” and I would also meditate and reflect on this.  In addition, I will try to consciously draw upon the quality of “generosity” for the rest of the day. And be especially aware of not falling into the trap of “attachment”!


When using the app in this way, I would not read any of the interpretations in the first instance. I would simply use the keywords.  After my meditation I might go back to the reading to see if the interpretations trigger further insights.






What is the significance of the symbols and sounds used in the app?   BACK TO FAQs

The symbols used in the app have been specifically chosen to help raise your consciousness and give you an enhanced experience resulting in more accurate readings. Here is some information about those symbols:



The lotus is the perfect symbol to represent our journey to enlightenment.  The plant grows deep within the muddy depths and emerges into the light.  The flower petals open to display a stunning purity and radiance.  The life cycle of this plant can be seen as a symbolic representation of our own soul journey as we aspire to reach upwards towards the light.

The lotus is held in high regard as spiritual symbol by many traditions and religions.  It is especially well known within Buddhism and Hinduism but also was revered in Egypt and by many modern day spiritual schools such as the Theosophists.

The lotus is a traditional symbol for enlightenment, purity and illumination. It is also said to symbolise compassion, harmony and wisdom.

It is often used to represent the journey of awakening to higher consciousness, overcoming adversity and transcending attachment and desire.  The lotus is said to symbolise all four elements – the seeds is born within the earth or mud, it then travels through water to reach up into the air where  the warmth, light and fire of the sun helps its petals unfurl and blossom.

I chose this universal symbol to appear as both the icon for the app as well as featuring on the Inspiration Cards and within the meditation screen.  The lotus reminds us of what we are aspiring to – it gives us a point of focus and helps raise our consciousness. I hope it will serve to inspire and guide everyone who feels attracted to work with the Life Guidance and Inspiration App.



The wheel symbols used in this app are based on the classic Buddhist symbol for the wheel of dharma.  This wheel represents the key teachings at the foundation of Buddhism, particularly relating how to conduct oneself in life.  These include the universal spiritual principles of showing kindness and compassion to others. We are also guided to avoid harming others with negative acts such as lying and stealing.  These classic teachings have relevance for all conscious beings who wish to live with at least some degree of conscious awareness.

The wheel is a widely used esoteric symbol, representing the continuous life cycles we all follow.  It reminds us of how nothing is permanent and all states of being will pass.  This is an especially useful reminder when passing through a challenging phase in life.  If we can hold the thought that in time it will pass, it will help us find our way through.

Also, for many of us, the wheel is also a perfect symbol to represent steering or guiding ourselves along our life journey.   It reminds us that with self-knowledge and conscious awareness we can choose our path and how to direct our lives.  It is empowering to remember that we always have a choice in life – we can decide how to respond to whatever life situation presents itself and we can direct our thoughts and emotions in the way that best serves our highest good.



The labyrinth is a classic symbol used across many cultures and spiritual traditions to represent our spiritual journey towards self-mastery and ultimately enlightenment.


The Sacred Journey of the soul can sometimes be long and convoluted.  The way forward is not always obvious. At times we seem to move backwards, away from our final destination. The labyrinth is an ideal symbol for spiritual seekers, navigating their Sacred Journey through life.  It shows how our path may involve many twists and turns on the way towards our final goal of self-knowledge, self-mastery and enlightenment.


A wonderful meditation practice is to simply gaze at a labyrinth or follow its path with your fingers – it can help still the mind and link you to a higher level of consciousness.


There are many different labyrinths but I chose to use the HECATE LABYRINTH for the app. It is a lesser known formation and is unusual, in as much as it is based on the three-fold path rather than the more usual cross or duality pattern. If you look carefully at the centre, beneath the central spiral, you will see a “Y” shape – whereas most labyrinths have a cross at this point.  Also this labyrinth features a wonderful spiral at the end of its inner journey, reflecting the other spiral symbols used elsewhere in the app – see more information about spirals below.


Hecate is a slightly lesser known but nonetheless extremely powerful Greek goddess.  One of her many strengths is the gift of far-sightedness – she is known as a protector of travellers and lights their path –how appropriate then for us, as Sacred Journeyers, to be guided by this powerful Goddess.





The spiral is a truly universal symbol.  It occurs all around us in nature and within virtually every form of sacred art and spiritual tradition.

The spiral awakens our intuition.  It links our more earth-bound mentality to a higher consciousness, enabling us to access our inner wisdom. It helps us expand our creativity and deepens our awareness of the more subtle realms of being.


When travelling along our spiritual path, we may seem to be moving in circles but frequently it is actually a spiral. Gradually and gently our consciousness is evolving and we are moving towards a point of enlightenment.


In the app you will see the spiral symbol in both card layout patterns for the Life Wisdom reading as well as at the centre of the Hecate labyrinths.  Also the card layout patterns are arranged in a way to be slightly reminiscent of a question mark.  These patterns are designed to further help your intuition to awaken so you choose the “right” card for your reading.





In addition to the symbols used in the app – sacred sounds have also been incorporated.


The sounds have been created by using Tibetan tingshaws which are small metal cymbals traditionally used in rituals and prayers.  When struck the tingshaws produce a clear ringing note with harmonic overtones.


The sounds produced by tingshaws have been found to clear the space you are working in, so this is an ideal sound to use prior to meditation or any form of contemplative work.  The sound also helps focus the mind and enhance intuitive abilities.


These sounds have been included with the clear and specific intention that they will support you in your use of the app to get the most appropriate readings which will always serve your highest good.