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Are you passing through a phase of Soul Sensitivity? - Life Guidance and Inspiration

Are you passing through a phase of Soul Sensitivity?

“Soul Sensitivity” is how I describe the second of the six stages of Soul Evolution. Soon after passing through the first stage of “Soul Awakening” [a phase of powerful and significant spiritual change as we awaken to a new level of consciousness] we enter a phase in our soul evolution where we feel very sensitive. I call this Soul Sensitivity but it could also be called “Light Emerging”.

It is a pivotal stage of our soul evolution; and often we feel extremely sensitive and vulnerable as we pass through this phase. Some people find it quite a challenging time but there are ways to help you cope more easily, especially if you are aware of what is happening.

It is very possible to over-react at this time. And problems and challenges, however small or insignificant, are likely to seem greatly magnified. You may feel very vulnerable, overwhelmed and emotionally raw. You could feel fragile and fragmented. You also might be unusually short tempered and intolerant with a tendency to take things too personally and too seriously! So strategies such as humour, compassion and acceptance can all help.

Even the slightest difficulty is perceived as a huge and insurmountable issue. It is advisable to avoid making snap decisions when in this phase, especially in connection with anything important or long term. Try to wait until you feel able to give a rational and thoughtful response rather than an emotional reaction. Take a step back and try to gain a sense of proportion. Give yourself a chance to re-group your energies.

Soul sensitivity is not all bad news, but it is a phase where you need to consciously and carefully “manage” your subtle energy system.

We can respond differently each time we pass through this phase and it is useful to learn to recognise what is happening and how to handle it. Here are some of my favourite analogies to describe “Soul Sensitivity”.

Imagine that magical moment when the newly transformed butterfly emerges from chrysalis. It is utterly exquisite but initially also very fragile and vulnerable. It needs time to get to know its new form and this new physical form has to adjust to the physical world. You could view your newly emerging light body, or soul energy, in a similar way. It is also worth noting that a newly metamorphosed butterfly needs to go through the strenuous and challenging process of breaking out of its chrysalis. And it needs to emerge in its own time. Giving it a supposedly ‘helpful tug’ to set it free and ‘help’ it on its way, will in fact most likely damage it! So please bear this in mind if you are ever tempted to accelerate your own [or someone else’s] soul sensitivity / emerging process!

During this phase, we may feel like a precious plant which has newly germinated and broken through its tough seed shell coating. As the tiny rootlets and shoots emerge through the seed shell they are extremely fragile and need just the right balance of nourishment and support. So you might find you need to be handled very gently and carefully at this stage – just like a new seedling!

Sometimes, it is a lot less dramatic. It is more like leaving a darkened room and stepping out into very bright sunlight. We simply need a period of adjustment and acclimatisation [or to put on the spiritual equivalent of sunglasses].

We all react differently to this phase – we can become ultra-sensitive and as a result a bit tetchy and grumpy!! Or very emotional with a tendency to over-react. We might just feel super sensitive, as if a layer of skin has been sloughed off and so we feel very vulnerable. Also we may feel fragmented and find it hard to concentrate.

Although Soul sensitivity can create certain challenges, until you can acclimatise to your new more light-filled state of being; it is a phase which can be managed quite simply and effectively.

I recommend you make an extra effort to ensure you are well grounded. Spend time doing physical mundane activities, ideally outdoors. Gardening, walking, sporting activities are all good. Also household chores such as washing up and cleaning the floors can help! In addition to exercise, make sure you eat well and get lots of rest.

Also be discerning about where you spend your time and who with. Allow extra time to do things; reduce stress and pressure as much as possible. Try to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere around you.

When passing through a Soul Sensitivity phase you may feel impressed to cleanse your home or meditation space – we can be super sensitive to dust, dirt and any heavier moving frequencies. This is the ideal time to start a healthier regime [perhaps reduce the amount of sugar, caffeine, alcohol you intake] treat your body gently and kindly.

Also, do something nice for yourself [perhaps book a massage or other treat] or at least allow extra time to read a book, soak in the bath or go to the cinema. This is a time where your self-care has to take top priority.

When we are newly infused with high doses of spiritual energy we need to find ways to strengthen the physical vessel [our bodies] to contain that energy and ultimately integrate it. Our spiritual task is to allow spirit to come into matter, to allow light to come to earth. So if we are to serve as light keepers on the planet, we need to learn to hold light whilst in earthly form and thereby be of earthy use in service to the Light.

NB: One of the courses I run: “Sacred Journey of the Soul” includes an in depth exploration of the Six Stages of Soul Evolution from Soul Awakening to Soul Radiance. Soul Sensitivity is the second stage of Soul Evolution.

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