This app would not have happened  without the amazing support I have received from so many people.

Special thanks to my lovely husband Tim and wonderful daughter Alicia who have put up with me for the many months I have been welded to my computer!  And thank you to my parents Hazel and Ron and father-in-law Ken who have continually encouraged me and believed in this app.

Heartfelt gratitude to the Sacred Journey group who helped me create the original Sacred Journey cards, which formed the basis of the Life Guidance and Inspiration App.  Your blessings and support have made this possible. Thank you dear Angela, Aine, Barbara, Chloe, Caz, Caroline, Eva, Hari, Hazel, Holly, Isabelle, Jhinpa, Julie B, Julie, G, Julie R, Lyn, Mary, Maeja, Michelle, Shigemi, Tom, Toks, Wenda,

This app is based on over 30 years of trainings and teachings and I will always be grateful to all the ICCH graduates and students – who have taught me so much.  I wish thank all my teachers for their kindness, patience and wisdom.  And to all my friends who have acted as testers throughout this process, I feel very blessed and grateful that you have supported me – thank you one and all.

And special thanks to two people who have been instrumental in the creation of this app. Suzy Twigg  [Mobile App Developer and Founder of Urban Custard] for her guidance and inspiration and also her infinite patience as she has guided me [a complete techno-phobe] through the intricacies of creating an app.   And to my dear friend and co-author, Barbara Kleiner-Callway who has spent many long days and nights advising, supporting and guiding me through the labyrinth-like process of overcoming the various design challenges of creating an app like this!

Finally, I wish to wholeheartedly acknowledge the source of infinite light and wisdom which flows from the Universe to each and every one of us.  I am so grateful to all the Teachers and Masters who generously share their wisdom and unconditional love.   My wish and prayer is that this app will help, support and inspire.  May it help us to live life with greater kindness, compassion and spiritual awareness.


With much love and gratitude,