About the app

The Life Guidance & Inspiration App gives you instant and easy access to spiritual direction and support.  It equips you to live with greater awareness and make conscious choices.   It helps you to fulfill your potential and live your life with more joy and spiritual purpose.
The app is made up of Challenge and Inspiration cards. You select your cards from the card layouts on the screen. You have a completely free choice of card – this means it is your intuition which is guiding you to pick the ‘right card’. And this is why the readings are uncannily accurate and appropriate to your current circumstances.


Are you looking for support, focus and deeper understanding, in order to live a happier life?  If yes, then this app can help you.  Do you want to explore how to integrate the spiritual element into your life?  If yes, this app will give you guidance and inspiration.
This app is ideal for anyone who wants to live life with a more conscious understanding of what is happening around them. The answers given by the app can equally be applied to earthly matters such as career issues and personal relationships as well as the more spiritual dimension of life.
To get best results, asking the right question is very important.  You can choose from a menu of a pre-selected questions if you wish, but there is also the option to write your own questions which will allow you to ask about very specific areas of your life.
You can choose which type of reading you want.  The Life Wisdom reading helps you identify the key issue or root cause of a problem and then suggests the best strategies to help you deal with the challenge.  The Life Direction reading gives you the best strategy or approach to take, whether dealing with a difficult situation or when you just want to know how to get the best out of your life.


All the cards give you a summary reading, which is ideal if you want a quick and instant reading whilst on the go or if you are in a hurry.  There are also very comprehensive in depth readings for all the cards – these are available to those who have chosen to upgrade to the premium version.


Throughout the app, there are screen by screen prompts to help you get the most out of your app and fully activate your intuitive gifts.  In addition, within the app, there is detailed information which gives you step-by-step guidance and useful tips. Also a FAQs and trouble-shooting section is included.
A record of your readings and all the questions you ask is kept in a journal.  And the journal also has the facility for you to add your own notes – so you can really keep track of how accurate your readings are.  This facility is available within the premium version of the app.
You can ask as many questions as you wish and can have as many readings as you want every day.   The free app is completely free and with no adverts to distract you.  It is yours for life.  The premium version is available for a single one-off payment and there are no annual renewal charges.

ACCEPTANCE The strategy that can dissolve life’s obstacles

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  Acceptance is a strategy that has the power to dissolve all the tensions and stresses created by so many of life’s obstacles and challenges.  Once we can accept change in our lives or accept there are some things that we simply cannot control, happiness and joy can flow effortlessly into our lives! When we greet all that is presented to us in life with calm acceptance, the pressure is relieved.  We expand our consciousness and feel more relaxed. Serenity and peace prevail. Also choosing acceptance as a strategy can increase our...

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  I have attracted this inspiration card in several of my Life Guidance readings recently.  I feel this is one of the most potent Inspiration Cards in the Life Guidance & Inspiration deck.   Not only is it a powerful strategy to help guide one’s day to day life in a positive way, it also can serve as a type of cosmic signpost and blessing, indicating that a profound spiritual shift in consciousness is possible.   However, transcendence as a point of spiritual focus can sometimes be as challenging as it is inspirational!...

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Mindfulness is an extraordinarily powerful and effective strategy that can completely transform how we experience life. It can help us to overcome many of life’s challenges and difficulties. When we are mindful, we are aware of what is motivating us.  It is easier to see the consequences of our actions and the impact we are having on others.  This greater self-awareness naturally leads us to change or modify our behaviour.   We start to consciously choose the best response and stop mindlessly reacting to life’s challenges.  Destructive habits...

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  Cultivating compassion for all beings is a fundamental principle at the heart of most, if not all, spiritual philosophies. There can be no doubt that compassion is one of the very best spiritual tools you can use to overcome and dissolve almost every obstacle and pitfall that you are likely to encounter along your sacred path.   However, there is one aspect of compassion that seems often to be overlooked, especially by healers and light-workers, and that is self-compassion. I have noticed that those who are skilled in showing compassion to...

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GENEROSITY – a strategy that brings joy and abundance into your life

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Generosity creates wonderful opportunities to evolve as a spiritual being. It helps us to open our hearts and minds to others and to interact with our human family with greater depth and integrity. Giving freely and without any wish for personal return can bring you far greater happiness and fulfilment than you can ever imagine. It helps us be more open to life and receive its gifts in abundance. Be extra generous with your time and resources and notice how it feels and the responses you receive when you make that extra effort to be more...

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PATIENCE – A spiritual strategy that brings about greater peace of mind

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Sometimes when under stress it can be so easy to become impatient, we may even allow a flicker of anger, and in that unguarded moment long-lasting damage can be done. One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. Chinese Proverb Patience is a very potent “antidote” to anger. When we are reminded to be patient, we are advised to slow down, take a step back and allow ourselves [and those around us] more time and space. Patience can also counteract the tendency to perfectionism and high...

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ACCOUNTABILITY – A strategy to transform your life!

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Don’t underestimate the transformational power of this strategy! It can quite literally change your life!! I have drawn this card a lot recently. I used to think it was quite a “boring” card and my heart would sink a bit when I saw I had attracted it [again]. Accountability can makes us think of having to carry a heavy burden, being responsible and grown up. It can seem very dull. But when I looked at it more deeply and from a spiritual perspective I discovered that actually, accountability holds the key to self-mastery and empowerment! Yes,...

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GRATITUDE – a shortcut to a blissful and contented life!

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At the beginning of each week I like to choose one of the inspiration cards to give me a spiritual focus and this week my guiding spiritual strategy is GRATITUDE. And I am grateful[!] to have received this reminder. “Counting your blessings” may sound old fashioned or clichéd – but it is such a potent spiritual tool. I believe that when we harness the power of gratitude – it really is like a shortcut to a blissful and contented life! Receiving this card has reminded me to make sure that I fully appreciate all the wondrous gifts...

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The “Wash Shuffle” aka ‘The Scramble’

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  One of the features that is attracting a lot of positive attention about the app is the innovative on-screen shuffle.  It is possible to tap on the deck and then moving them around the screen in just the same way as the classic “Wash Shuffle”.   Also known as ‘the Scramble’ or ‘Beginner Shuffle’ this type of shuffle involves simply spreading the cards out face down, and sliding them around and over each other with one’s hands. Then the cards are moved into one pile so that they begin to intertwine and are then arranged back into...

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JOY – a powerful tool of transformation

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Each week I like to take an Inspiration Card [using my app of course] to give me a point of focus for the week ahead.  Often I draw something like “humour” or patience”. And when I get one of these I know I will need to make an extra special effort to hold in mind these qualities whenever facing tricky and challenging situations!!  Also it serves as a bit of an “early warning system”! During August I was delighted to attract “JOY” as my optimum ‘spiritual strategy’ for the whole week. This is one of my favourite Inspiration Cards and for the...

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