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Stephanie Harrison  :

For over 30 years Stephanie has been facilitating personal growth and spiritual development courses.  Her enduring passion has always been to help people fulfil their spiritual potential and navigate their sacred path with clarity, purpose and joy.


Stephanie specialises in running training courses for subtle energy healers; in particular crystal therapists and spiritual healers.  She believes that the spiritual development of the healer is of paramount importance and therefore her courses incorporate many areas of esoteric study including study of subtle anatomy, astrology, tarot and sacred geometry as well as vibrational healing techniques.   She has taught for many national healing organisations and lectured at the Festival for Mind Body Spirit and the Healing Arts.


In 1990 she started her own training organisation, The International College of Crystal Healing, and there are now ICCH graduates all over the world working as crystal therapists and running their own crystal therapy schools.  She has been featured in magazines and appeared on TV and radio and also has written a number of books including the best-selling Crystal Wisdom Kit, which has been published in 17 countries in 11 different languages.  She is a qualified teacher and assessor and in 1991 augmented her knowledge of the esoteric sciences by training as a gemmologist.

In 2007 Stephanie started running the Sacred Journey course, a 12 month advanced spiritual training programme for ICCH graduates and experienced therapists.  The Life Guidance & Inspiration cards were developed specifically for this course and helped greatly to enhance the spiritual development of the Sacred Journey students.  For this reason, Stephanie was encouraged to offer them to a wider audience and has since developed the Life Guidance & Inspiration App and later hopes to create a deck of Life Guidance & Inspiration cards and an accompanying book.