“Just playing with the app I had a real eye opener.  It’s absolutely wonderful.”  — Selina Barker (Head Coach of Play to Win and The 30 Day Challenge).

Looking for insight? Facing a crisis? Or simply needing support?
Discover self-help strategies to overcome your current life challenges and take control of your life. Use your intuition to find enlightenment and greater happiness.

This free iPhone app shows you how to use your intuition to find answers to specific questions and receive daily readings. Get instant insight into the root cause of a problem. Discover optimum self-help strategies to support you.


Ideal for daily readings as well as dealing with specific issues and problems, this free app gives you guidance and support as you develop your intuition and find the best self-help techniques to help you get the most out of your life.



The FREE Life Guidance & Inspiration App gives you:

  • A choice of reading types and card layouts to give you maximum insight and support whether you want simple daily readings or answers to specific issues and questions
  • A choice of card shuffle mechanisms so your intuition works in the best way possible, giving you optimum self-help guidance
  • A range of pre-selected self-help questions as well as a ‘write your own question’ option to ensure you get the insight and support you most need
  • Unlimited access to the summary readings of all the Challenge and Inspiration cards, giving insight and support, whether through the daily readings or specific questions that you write yourself
  • Unlimited access to the powerfully illuminating Life Transformation cards
  • Screen by screen guidance on how to get the best insight and support from your readings
  • Full instructions on how to get the best from your app by using your intuition
  • A user friendly design incorporating classic symbols and sacred sounds to deepen your intuition
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and email to share all your daily readings and the self-help techniques you have discovered



The PREMIUM VERSION of The Life Guidance & Inspiration App [available for a one-off fee of just US$1.99 / £1.49] also gives you: ……

  • Unlimited access to all the in-depth readings of the Challenge, Inspiration and Life Transformation cards, which offer detailed explanations of the cards, giving you further valuable insight, support and various self-help techniques
  • A Journal that automatically keeps a date and time record of all your readings, questions asked and cards chosen
  • A note keeping facility allows you to add your own thoughts and insights – letting your app function as the perfect self-help spiritual diary which also further aids the development of your intuition.
  • There just one single payment – your Life Guidance and Inspiration App is yours for life – there is no annual renewal cost.

Remember; you can have as many readings as you want, as often as you want. It is just like having your own personal life coach on hand 24/7 – just one tap away!

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